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Our Mission, Core Values & What Makes Us Different

Our Mission:
To share happiness by helping to build and strengthen relationships through meaningful giving!

We’re all about the science of happiness. So much so that it’s one of our core values. It’s at the center of everything we do. We seek it, find it, share it, give it, feel it, deliver it, cultivate it.

Why? Because when people are happy, good things happen. And when good things happen, everybody is happy. It’s the ultimate positive feedback loop. And it’s the thing we like to measure our success against.

Don’t even get us started on how flowers and gift giving/receiving stimulate the ‘happy chemicals’ in our brains. It’s a big part of why we’re in this business. Ever seen someone receiving flowers (and/or gifts)? You know the excitement you feel when you are giving a gift? THOSE ARE OUR REASONS!

We absolutely LOVE being in the business of creating, cultivating & spreading happiness! This means offering our customers and their recipients the freshest, perfectly cared for & curated, creatively designed flowers, plants and artisan gifts expertly delivered. Whether you’re a customer, a recipient, a supplier or part of our team – we promise to keep happiness at our core.

As a company, trust is a massive part of our culture. It all starts right here in our shop, where we trust each other implicitly to do whatever needs to be done to keep Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts operating at maximum happiness & efficiency.

Then there are our suppliers, whose flowers & plants we trust before they’re even shipped to us. Our relationships with our suppliers are nurtured and real, and while we trust them to deliver on our promise of quality, they trust us to keep building a living, breathing business that connects their products to thousands of customers.

Customers trust our expertise – not only for the highest quality, beautifully designed flowers, plants and gifts, but for service that’ll knock their socks off. In turn, we trust our customers to give us feedback. And we’re deeply invested in what they have to say. How else will we keep getting better?

While we pride ourselves on being the best flower, plant & gift shop in Tempe (and surrounding areas), we’re ultimately still a group of humans who care deeply about what we do. Many businesses say that they care. But very few actually mean it. And that’s why here at Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts, we prefer to walk the walk. Our care manifests in every single thing that we do – from outrageously cheerful order taking, superb customer service, constant communication about the status of your gift, to making sure our blooms are farm fresh and delivered on time, every time. Transparency helps us show you just how deeply we care about every tiny detail of each one of your experiences. Most importantly, we’re here for a lifetime of moments – new beginnings, heartfelt endings and everything in between. We’re a small, local company with a big heart. And what matters to you, matters to us!

Our Core Values:

Value #1: Happiness

We’re not kidding! We are all about the science of happiness and when you’re happy, we are ecstatic!

Value #2: Passion

We LOVE what we do! We are incredibly passionate about the value & beauty that we provide through flowers, plants & artisanal gifts and the emotions & sentiments that they convey to the people you care about.

Value #3: Honesty

We believe that honesty is always the best policy! What you order is exactly what you’ll get! And if we don’t have a particular flower that you are seeking, we will contact you with the substitution options available BEFORE we even design your order. Our industry is ever-changing due to weather, gas prices, freight prices and times, etc. and we promise to be up-front, honest and transparent about availability & pricing so you KNOW what you are sending before it is delivered. There will never be any surprises when you order from us…ever.

Value #4: Dependability

You can count on us to provide your recipients with the freshest, longest lasting flowers available! We process and care for each flower type with it’s own food formulated specifically to maximize freshness and longevity as well as delivering your gifts in a timely manner. If you place your order before 2pm, we offer same day delivery in Tempe, West Gilbert, Chandler, West Mesa, Ahwatukee & South Phoenix!

What makes us different?

  1. We purchase our flowers directly from farms all over the world. They are cut and shipped to us the very same day ensuring the utmost freshness and longevity for you and your recipients. 

  2. We take excessive care when purchasing, processing, feeding and storing the flowers that we buy. The longevity of the flowers you purchase matters more to us than we have the words to express. It is critically important to us that you receive the longest lasting, freshest flowers available. 

  3. We feed and store each variety of flower with it’s own type of food (garden flower food, Bulb food and Rose food. Our wholesalers have ALL stated that we are ONLY florist in AZ that does this and that they have to special order the Bulb food and Rose Food specifically for us here at Fiesta Flowers as no other florist ever orders it.

  4. We use C02 filters in all of our flower coolers to counteract the production of Ethylene Gas. This process helps the flowers last much longer! And again, we are the only florist that takes this extra precaution.

  5. We use Quick Dip on all of our flowers. Quick dip is an extra step and product that helps the flower stem uptake as much nutrients and as little oxygen/air as possible ensuring a longer vase life. We use this when processing the flowers after they have come in from the farms and also again when designing your arrangement. Meaning the flowers receive this special treatment every time they are cut here at the shop. This ensures the utmost freshness for you and your recipient.

  6. Last but not least, each finished design is sprayed with Hawaiian Mist before leaving the shop. Hawaiian Mist is a very expensive, patented, bio-reactive floral spray that nourishes the flowers from the inside out. This results in the longest lasing blooms available anywhere! 


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