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There’s something about peonies that makes us weak in the knees. Maybe it’s their big, fluffy blooms, or their sweet fragrance. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but fall head over heels for these beautiful flowers every summer. Each variety of peony has a distinct time in the summer when they bloom. EG: Early in the season, mid-season, or late in the season therefore, not all peonies are available at the same time. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 most beautiful peonies in this blog post. Trust us, after reading this post; you’ll be head over heels for peonies too!

12 Most Beautiful Peonies


1. Avis Varner Peony

One of the reasons the Avis Varner peony is so popular is its stunning blooms. The flowers of this peony are a rich pink color, and they have a touch of red in them as well. They are double blooming, which means that they have more petals than a single bloomed peony, and they have a very pleasing fragrance. The side buds of this peony are also charming, and they add to the overall look of the flower. This peony blooms mid-season.


2. Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Named for the famous French actress, this is one of the most popular peonies. It has large, double, delicate flowers that are a beautiful light pink color. The petals are ruffled and have a light fragrance. This peony blooms in late summer.


3. Pillow Talk

This peony looks like it’s been stuffed with the softest petals, making it the perfect blossom for a romantic night in. It’s also one of the most fragrant peonies, so you’ll be sure to fill the room with its sweet scent.


4. Coral Charm

This beautiful flower is in a salmon-pink color that changes color as the flower matures and has a delicate ruffled edge. This peony blooms early in the season.


5. Bowl of Cream Peony

This peony has large, double white blooms with a lemon-yellow center. The flowers are very fragrant and have a light, powdery scent. They bloom in mid-summer.


6. Festiva Maxima Peony

This is one of the most popular types of peonies. It has large, double white flowers with a pop of hot pink in the middle on just a few petals. It also has a beautiful fragrance. The blooms can get up to three feet tall! The Festiva Maxima peony is an excellent choice for cut flowers since they have a long vase life. They are also easy to grow and care for. This peony blooms mid-season.


Buckeye Belle

7. Buckeye Belle

This beauty has big blooms, a sweet fragrance, and an extended blooming season. The deep crimson red flowers are accented with yellow stamens, giving the blossom a touch of whimsy.


8. Kansas Peony

This rose-like peony has been charming gardeners for over eighty years. With its vivid magenta blooms, it is no wonder this variety is still considered the best double peony around. It is beautiful, and it also starts heavily blooming in mid-summer. While other types have come and gone, the Kansas Peony remains a garden staple!


9. Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony

This peony is perfect for anyone who loves the tropics. It has large, double blooms in a soft pink/coral color with a slight fragrance. The petals are ruffled and have a silky texture. This peony blooms early in the summer.


10. Chocolate soldier

This peony is the perfect mix of sophisticated and fun. It has a deep brown color with reddish undertones, making it unique and elegant.


11. Karl Rosenfield Peony

Karl Rosenfield peony is a highly-regarded variety of red double peonies. Mid-season blooming produces impressive cherry-red blossoms that add significant visual interest to summer gardens and cut flower arrangements. Karl Rosenfield peonies are pest-resistant and have a long vase life, thanks to their sturdy stems.

Karl Rosenfield Peony

12. Paul M. Wild

The Paul M. Wild peony is a variety of double-flowered peony that features large, unique,  red, almost-fuchsia blooms with a pleasant fragrance. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Paul M. Wild peonies are also known for their hardiness and resistance to pests, like other peonies. They bloom late in the season

If you’re looking to add some romance to your life, we recommend giving peonies a try. These flowers will sweep you off your feet from their big blooms to their sweet fragrance. They are only available for a couple of months each year, so it’s important to get your blooms while you can! Our flower shop has beautiful peony arrangements available, so be sure to stop by or click here to visit our website today.

What’s your favorite type of peony? Let us know in the comments.