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When I think of my happiest childhood memories, flowers were always present.

From playing outside in the garden and creating fairy dresses from blue delphiniums to watching Mom add a vase of lilies to the table for highly anticipated Sunday family lunches: where there were flowers, happy memories always seemed to follow.

Even while writing this, I feel a sense of happiness just looking at the blossoming white Amaryllis in my living room and the overflowing bunches of Gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath) that so resemble those imaginary fairies from my childhood. The delicate purple orchid (a gift from a dear friend) adds a bit of brightness to the room, and the cascading Peace in the Home is a constant reminder not to become too stressed out by that never-ending to-do list.

Yes, flowers certainly have a magical way of making everything better.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the earliest known flower arranging dates as far back as ancient Egypt, where locals were creating beautiful flower creations from as early as 2,500 BCE.

Just imagine the beauty: the bursting purple Egyptian lotus, sweet-smelling Jasmine, bright yellow Narcissus bulbs, and lovely Chrysanthemums, in a wide variety of colors. I feel happy just thinking about it!

**The science behind flowers and happiness **

Do flowers ever make you feel happy? That warm and fuzzy feeling, like you’re walking on sunshine? There’s actually science behind this lovely feeling: flowers have been proven to trigger Dopamine in your brain. Even more reason to have them around, other than the fact that that they beautify any occasion, of course.

**The wonderful benefits of flowers **

I often find myself marveling at the beauty of flowers. To think that such beauty, perfection, and uniqueness come straight out of nature! Of course, other than their beauty, plants and flowers offer a variety of benefits to those who choose to keep them around.

The fragrances of flowers like lavender and jasmine, for example, can calm your nerves and allow for a good night’s rest.

As mentioned before, flowers also trigger the happy hormones in our brain, meaning that they can also reduce stress. Even on the busiest day, I know I can count on all the gorgeous flowers around me for a sense of relaxation.

According to the Society of American Florists and Texas A&M University, flowers can also improve creativity. Their research shows that workers’ ability to work creatively and solve problems is higher in workplaces with plants and flowers. All the more reason to add a plant (or three) to your desk.

Flowers truly are magnificent, don’t you agree? In times of happiness, celebration, and even sadness, they offer a sense of comfort and beauty that only nature can.

As I watch the birds chirp in the garden, the bees buzz over at the clock-like foxgloves and warm-hued daisies, I surely have to agree with Louis Armstrong as I think to myself: what a wonderful world indeed.