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Reasons to Send Flowers or a Gift on Memorial Day

Honoring soldiers who have died in service is important to many families, whether they have had family members serve in the military or not. To make sure that your Memorial Day flowers arrive in a timely manner, contact Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts via phone or website for a no contact delivery order.

Enjoy Long Lasting Blooms

Our flowers are treated with Quick Dip. This product treats the cut stem to maintain freshness while in our coolers and once they are delivered to your home, workplace, or Memorial Day display. While in our coolers, Fiesta Flowers protects the freshness of the blooms with a CO2 filter to reduce wilting and rot. Ethylene gas is released by cut flowers and can quickly spoil delicate blooms. Our filtration system captures and removes this gas.

From Our Family to Yours

Fiesta Flowers is a locally owned florist and a family business. We understand how important it is for you to have your Memorial Day flowers at the right time. Additionally, our professionals know how to keep flowers fresh in the heat of an Arizona May. No matter your floral needs, our skilled florists can help you in the choice and creation of an arrangement that will express your feelings exactly.

Include a Gift

In addition to helping you put together a beautiful Memorial Day display, we can assist you in choosing just the right presentation. Our flowers can be displayed in containers from vases to baskets. In addition, we can include a thematic gift such as a small memorial stone. Each Memorial Day display can be as unique as the person you’re remembering.

Don’t Forget Houseplants

Your Memorial Day floral display doesn’t have to be limited to cut flowers. A quality houseplant can be given as a Memorial Day gift in celebration of a lost loved one. If you are giving a special remembrance to someone who’s suffering, adding a houseplant to the display can create a lovely remembrance that will provide years of beauty.

Floral Variety

The flowers in our coolers offer our floral designers a wide variety of options. Lilies are a lovely choice for a memorial bouquet. Depending on the person to be celebrated, you may want to use roses in a specific color or even bright sunflowers.

Unique Forms

Our sympathy flowers can be arranged by our designers in a wide variety of shapes. We can create a floral arrangement around a statue or a particular keepsake. Our floral arrangements can also be created so they can sit atop a monument or laid on the grass over a grave. No matter your needs or memorial intentions, we can help you create a display that perfectly celebrates your loved one.

Fiesta Flowers Can Assist You

Memorial Day floral arrangements are a lovely way to remember a lost loved one and share your sentiments with others who are able to visit the grave. No matter your needs, the designers at Fiesta Flowers can help you choose just the right blooms to celebrate your loved one.