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Some of the Best Summer Flowers to Send Someone

Summertime is almost here, and nothing says summer more than fresh, beautiful flowers! Spring is not the only time to bring amazing colors into your home, the summer season is full of opportunities for you to decorate your space with spectacular blooms as well.

To assist you in finding the best floral trends this summer, our floral specialists at Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts have put together a list of the most popular flowers of the season. Let’s dive right in!

1. Morning Glories

The blooming period of this flower is short and sweet, yet they remind us of capturing the beauty of the moment. Choose plants that have these blooms instead of cut arrangements. They don’t do so well-cut but are perfect in pots to decorate the home.

You can replant them and put them over a fence or an arbor. The great color is indigo blue, they are bright and just plain gorgeous!

2. Sunflowers

Nothing says summertime like Sunflowers! Bring these bright gems to your home to get a sense of how amazing it would be to be running through a Sunflower field. They have a long life and are sturdy, making them perfect for tall glass vases.

3. Dahlias

These flowers are very versatile, coming in various colors and sizes. They are perfect for repotting in your garden or including in a summer flower arrangement. Be sure you place them in a sunny place as they require lots of light.

4. Daylilies

Fragrant Daylilies only last for a day or two, but one stem has multiple flowers you’ll continue to enjoy. Choose an orange color to symbolize summer. You can place them on a vase on their own or as part of an arrangement.

5. Geraniums

Bring a Geranium potted plant into your home to give it a pop of white, pink, or red colors. They are ideal to decorate your patio where you’ll enjoy fresh blooms all season.

6. Lavender

This amazing aromatic plant is ideal to have on hand all summer long. You’ll provide your space with a relaxing scent while also getting creative on the many uses you can give this plant.

7. Peonies

Peonies are soft and adorable, what better accent to your summer space than hot pink flowers? You’ll love their playful ruffles and voluminous heads. They are perfect for gifting or keeping around your home for a farm-like feel.

8. Anthuriums

This potted plant will give you a tropical feel all summer long. It is a lush plant that reminds you of an exotic paradise, in fact, they are also called Flamingo Flowers. Bringing home one of these potted blooms is sure to be a summer hit!

Call or visit Fiesta Flowers to see the latest summer floral trends. Our eco-conscious flower delivery service has the freshest selection using the best methods. We will provide flower tips and assist you in taking the perfect plants and flowers to fill your summertime with more color.