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The season of romance and love is upon us and selecting just the right flowers to send your special someone if you aren’t sure what their taste or favorite flower is, could come down to having a good grasp on the underlying symbolism in each unique floral gift. The experts at Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts are ready to help you send just the right message with your Valentine flowers by exploring the long-standing meanings behind some of your favorite blooms.

The Richness and Wide Spectrum of Roses

Traditionally, roses are a favorite of every hopeless romantic and flower shop on Valentine’s Day. This is for good reason because Roses are known to convey a depth of emotion with their silky petals wrapped up together and sitting high on a long stem. While Roses are always a great choice for your Valentine’s arrangement, careful consideration of the symbolism within the various colors of Roses is also important.

Red Roses are a staple to convey timeless, romantic love and rich passion. But, if that symbolism seems to come on a little strong for a brand-new relationship, consider the purity of white Roses, symbolizing a friendly affection that hopes to blossom into something more. Pink Roses are also a great choice, carrying the meaning of pure happiness and innocent joy.

Dramatic Daisies

Found in a wide array of colors, Daisies bring a sense of youth and innocence to your Valentine arrangement. Daisies are also a symbol of pure and long-lasting love and would be a wonderful choice for any time-tested, vibrant love story. Ask your florist about combining multiple shades of Daisies for a dramatic and romantic look this Valentine’s Day.

Display Your Love in Lilies

Always an elegant and beautiful choice, Lilies have many meanings depending on the type of Lily you select. Lighter shades symbolize sweetness and beauty, while white Lilies are a sign of life and purity. More popular for this special day of love is the red Lily, symbolizing romantic and passionate intentions.

Use Sunflowers to Light Up Your Love

As vibrant as its namesake in the sky, the Sunflower bursts with energy and light. Sunflowers symbolize a deep admiration and dedication, a long-suffering and respectful bond. While Sunflowers are perhaps a bit less passionate than the red Rose, consider pairing the affection of the sunflower with the romantic intensity of Roses to create a beautiful and full representation of your love story in one perfect Valentine’s arrangement.

Flowers to Convey Your Passion

When speaking with your florist to arrange your flower delivery for this special day, feel free to discuss the use of less traditional Valentine’s flowers for your arrangement, many of which hold similar romantic symbolism. Consider the Orchid, which is associated with sensuality and romantic intentions. White Jasmine symbolizes a gentle and sweet love and Lilac blooms are often given as a token of new love. And don’t forget about the popular dark red Carnations which communicate love and passion.

No matter what message you are trying to convey this Valentine’s Day, the staff at Fiesta Flowers will help you design the perfect arrangement to embody your relationship and delight your someone special.