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What are Some of the Best Gifts for Flower Enthusiasts?

Flowers have long been one of the best ways to send affection to someone special. Whether you usually gift a cut bouquet or a live plant for your special person to enjoy, we’d like to offer the following list to help you decide if you’re thinking of giving something a little different this year to the flower lover or gardener in your life.

Floral Scissors

People who love receiving flowers often love growing flowers. In this case, giving them an especially nice pair of floral scissors to snip flowers from their own garden is a very thoughtful gesture. Also called herb snips, these delicate scissors usually have broad or padded grips to maximize comfort during use. Because most flowers don’t have tough stems, the scissors are generally dainty, if not down-right pretty. Prices range from below $15 to over $100 (florists take scissors seriously!), so shop accordingly. A moderately priced pair of attractive USA-made floral scissors is a good place to start.

Karmic Inspirational Stones

Everything I am you helped me to beConsider gifting a special message engraved on a polished garden stone. These Karmic Stones sold at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts will remind your someone how special they are over and over and over again, long after flower arrangements have wilted and gone. Messages range from sassy to sweet, so take your pick!

Unique Pots & Vases

If nothing else, gift flowers that come arranged in an attractive pot or vase. Better yet, gifting a set of pretty containers can help to unify the look of a floral or plant display. Your local flower shop will be able to best assist you with choosing just the right container to fit your giftee’s style.

A Watering Mister or Can

If your flower lover is partial to live plants instead of cut flowers, consider gifting them a watering can or plant mister to keep those plants and flowers looking and growing their best. For house plants, small and portable is best. Consider gifting a pretty glass plant mister in the recipient’s favorite color. It should not be bulky but hold enough water to mist many plants. For outdoor flower enthusiasts, go a little bigger and get a pretty watering can. Even better: you can send a variety of flower-focused gifts set inside a reusable watering can.

Flower and Leaf Press

Would your special person want to display their favorite posies as artwork? If so, consider getting them a flower press. Press kits are an excellent way to save the beauty of fresh flowers by displaying them between glass on a wall or keeping them tucked away in a flower journal for reminiscing. NOTE: A two-sided glass frame is best for displaying pressed flowers!

Artisan Lighting

Beaded Wine Bottle LanternLastly, offer your special person a unique way to enjoy their flowers when things get dark. These artisan beaded bottles are beautifully crafted to offer a subtle glow via a battery-operated candle, so there’s zero risk of fire and 100% risk of awe.

Fiesta Flowers professional florists’ can help you find some of these gifts and more for floral aficionados.