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Below are Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Special Gift Longer

Flowers are unique gifts during special occasions such as Christmas. A bouquet can brighten your smile and leave a lasting impression. After receiving a bunch of flowers as a special gift, a graduation bouquet, or an anniversary arrangement, you want to adore your flowers for as long as possible. Unfortunately, fresh-cut flowers can’t last forever. But there are several tips to help extend the lifespan of your flowers.

Cut the Stems

The first thing after bringing your bouquet from a flower shop is to cut the stems -trim flowers at an angle to enhance water intake. Fiesta flowers recommend their customers to cut the flowers after every two days to extend their lifespan.

Prune the Flowers

Get rid of all leaves below the waterline. Removing leaves below the water line not only enhances flowers’ appearance but also helps mitigate bacteria growth. Most flowers, like roses, have guard petals. The guard petals are the outermost petals of the flower. Getting rid of the petals will enable your flowers to open up fully. Additionally, keep an eye on your flowers for loose or dead leaves to prevent bacteria from rot.

Water the Flowers

It’s prudent to water your flowers to keep them hydrated all the time. After cutting the stems, your flowers cannot survive without enough water. Clean your vase, fill it with water, add flower food, and place your flowers. Mix the packet properly to ensure that the water is not too concentrated nor too diluted. Remember to clean your vase and change the water at least after two days.

Add Vinegar & Sugar in Vase

Many people know that apple cider vinegar is effective in removing toxins in both living and non-living organisms. The same happens with flowers. Apple cider vinegar has preservative properties that increase flowers shelf life by maintaining the fragrance and freshness of flowers for an extended period. Mix two tablespoons of sugar with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and pour the mixture into the flower vase. Change the water frequently to maintain freshness.

Place the Flowers Away from Direct Sunlight

Once you receive your flowers, it is imperative to place them in cool, room temperatures. Keep them away from heating or cooling vents and open windows as they could get dehydrated. You should also not place fruits near the bouquet. According to a renowned florist, ripening fruits release small amounts of ethylene gas which can compromise the lifespan of your flowers.

Check the Flowers Frequently

Pay attention to your bouquet to identify any abnormality on time. If possible, add aspirin tablets to your vase to eliminate bacteria. Remove dead leaves and petals quickly and change their location after a few days. You can shop online at for Christmas flowers or centerpieces.