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Key Points to Choose a Thanksgiving Day Floral Centerpiece

Food presentation isn’t the only important part of your Thanksgiving Day celebration. The discerning host or hostess places great importance on the appearance of the table. This can include:

  • China
  • Table linens
  • Glassware
  • Utensils
  • Table runners and placemats

All of these embrace the holiday theme. One of the best finishing touches available is a lovely fresh floral centerpiece that fairly shouts, “Happy Thanksgiving Day”.

happy thanksgiving from FiestaFlowers

Keep a Coordinated Thanksgiving Theme

There are a wealth of options when it comes to choosing the best floral centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table. Try to coordinate the floral centerpiece with the theme you want to project. This can be a very traditional Pilgrim style theme, or you may want a more formal theme that emphasizes the elegance of your other preparations.

Your floral centerpiece can work well into any theme you choose. However with all of the details involved in planning and preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, it’s advantageous to save time and give the host or hostess a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors by discussing in advance the floral centerpiece with a professional florist.

Ordering a floral centerpiece online is another big time saver and can be done well ahead of Thanksgiving Day.

Tips for Shopping for a Floral Centerpiece
Shopping online from the comfort of home or office is convenient and still offers many ideas and choices of floral arrangements. Before you begin to shop for a floral centerpiece, be sure you know the size and space you need on your Thanksgiving table as well as the number of place settings you’ll have when the table is fully dressed.

Next, consider the colors for your floral centerpiece and the design. A Thanksgiving floral centerpiece is the first item on the table that grabs attention, so you’ll want it to make a signature statement about your flair for color and design.

There is nothing that speaks of a Thanksgiving celebration than a floral centerpiece in a basket or mug such as those you’ll find at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts website. This is a convenient way to select the floral arrangements professionally designed for the finishing touch.

Traditional or Simply Elegant
While the traditional autumn colors of orange, yellow, white, and green appeal to some, others may wish to hint of Santa’s arrival Thanksgiving Day with a Fiesta Celebrations Centerpiece. This bountiful design highlights a deep scarlet ensemble of velvety red Roses, accented by vermilion hued Lilies, rust colored Pom Poms, Carmelina, striking yellow Solidago, and fronds of deep green Fern at the base. The crowning glory of this stunning floral centerpiece are two tall candles that add the elegant touch.

Fun and Flair for the Thanksgiving Table
If you prefer a more whimsical approach, Fiesta floral designers know the Pumpkin Pooch never fails for family Thanksgiving tables.

The Fiesta Harvest Shimmer floral centerpiece combines traditional colors with an abundance of orange hued roses, red Alstroemeria, preserved oak leaves, golden Viking Mums, fern, Grevillea, and Eucalyptus. This design projects the bounty of a Thanksgiving harvest.

When your theme focuses on simple elegance, choose the Fiesta Golden Lily Compote. This design adds height to a table centerpiece. Golden Hypericum Berry is set off by delicate trails of traditional Christmas evergreens, Plumosa fern, white Mums, and white Asiatic Lilies. For a more ethereal look, you can add Baby’s Breath to the mix.

Floral Centerpieces with a “Comforts of Home” Look
Many hosts and hostesses stray from the path of predictable autumn colors by choosing unusual color schemes for the Thanksgiving table and floral centerpieces. This technique offers a kind of “comforts of home” theme dinner guests find charming, warm, and appealing.

These centerpieces, like Fiesta’s Rustic Chic Ceramic Pumpkin, in white are filled with Mini Carnations in orange, Grevillea, yellow Solidago, Eucalyptus, white Roses, and highlighted by preserved oak leaves. This arrangement tempts stuffed Thanksgiving dinner guests to enjoy a nap in front of the fireplace.

Choose Your Favorites
When you plan the floral centerpiece for Thanksgiving, consider your favorite flowers in your most favored colors for a surprise theme. Choose a simple glass vase filled with your preferred shade of Roses contrasted by Ferns, Pom Poms, spiky Evergreens, and Mini Carnations.

Shop online at Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts for your Thanksgiving floral centerpiece or order one as a gift to the host or hostess you’ll be sharing your Thanksgiving celebration with.