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There is nothing that says “Happy Birthday” better than a carefully chosen gift of flowers. It’s a sweet and thoughtful idea and appropriate for all ages. Fortunately, there are many choices from which to choose. Unfortunately, for some, the choice can be overwhelming. Fiesta Flowers can help with this.

Before going to the flower shop or looking up birthday flowers online, you’ll want to think about who is to receive them. Flowers suitable for a mother would not necessarily be appropriate for a wife or friend. Pink carnations are a perfect choice for a mother because they are a symbol of maternal love.

They are also long-lasting, which make them ideal. Red roses symbolize romantic love, and so the perfect choice for a wife, but you might not want to send them to a friend. Yellow roses are appropriate here because they symbolize friendship. Put in the effort to know the meaning of flowers before you send them and the recipient will see that you care.

Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable to send flowers to men. They like to feel cared for too. Again, check out the meaning of the flowers before you send them. You wouldn’t want to send the wrong message. Choose rich-toned, darker-hued flowers, and make sure that you pick a more masculine container unless you know the recipient won’t care.

Did you know that each month of the year is assigned its own flower? Iris, which is the flower for February, signifies a connection between heaven and earth, and marigold, for October, renewal. Have fun looking up the recipient’s birthday and include a flower for their month in the arrangement.

If you’re still not sure which color flowers choose, consider a bouquet in several hues. A cheerful arrangement in bright colors such as bright pink, purple, and orange, would brighten anyone’s day. Flowers in a single color would also be a thoughtful gift for those who tend toward more muted or monochromatic colors in their home or wardrobe.

Another choice for birthday flowers might be something more exotic, such as orchids. A potted plant is also a great choice, especially if the recipient has a green thumb, and it would be a gift that could potentially last for years. Fiesta Flowers can help with any of these options.

Some people like to splurge on the birthday arrangement and not worry about a vase. But it’s important to think about where the flowers are to be delivered. If they’re going to a loved one at home, the vessel is not as important as there are probably several available. If, however, the flowers are going to a place of employment, there may not be a suitable vase available.

Lastly, consider adding a small gift to your arrangement. Balloons filled with helium are eye-catching and come in a gorgeous array of cheerful colors. And who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a stuffed bear or other stuffed animal along with their bouquet? After you have made your purchase, don’t forget to add a card with a message for the recipient. “Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts” can help you make the perfect selection for that special birthday person.