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Weddings are special. Often, couples are planning their weddings for over a year. Every woman has a vision for and wants to realize their dream wedding. They carefully plan for the wedding dress, the entourage, the designs, theme, colors and style. Though many weddings happen in the Summer, there are couples that opt to get married during the Winter months and may bring into question one of the things that make a bride’s wedding day particularly special: the flowers, especially the wedding bouquet. The flowers and bouquets will be remembered and appreciated for years to come via the wedding photos.

Fiesta Flowers, Plants, & Gifts is here to give you tips on how to choose the perfect flowers for your Winter wedding. The challenge for a professional florist is to design a beautiful yet creative floral bouquet that will complement the bride’s winter wedding dress.

There are plenty of options that are amazingly beautiful and affordable. After all, this will be a special day for any couple, and Fiesta Flowers wants to be a part of making it happen.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to choosing traditional Winter season/Christmas holidays color palette. There are numerous options to explore…such as choosing a floral theme that matches your overall bridal look and style.

Consider creating a gorgeous color palette that matches or offsets the bridal bouquet from the bridesmaid dress colors. Create your own color story, no matter your wedding theme.

Traditionally, Winter weddings look beautiful with the use of the following flowers:

  • Hydrangeas – These beautiful, large and colorful flowers symbolize empathy and honesty.
  • Roses and spray roses – These are wedding classics. Roses generally symbolize love and romance.
  • Calla lilies – Though these are tropical in origin, they are actually readily available all-year-round. The word calla is Greek for beautiful and associated with Hera, the beautiful Greek goddess. Calla lilies symbolize faithfulness, purity, and holiness. They are said to bring wedded bliss and good fortune.
  • Chrysanthemum – This daisy-like flower is known for having many petals spread around a tightly packed center. It symbolizes fidelity, joy, and optimism.
  • Stephanotis – These are very popular at weddings and are sometimes referred to as the Bridal Veil. These tropical blooms typically grow on a vine. Their stems are quite fragile, hence, florists add artificial stems to help them stand firmly. The Dianthus flowers are a good alternative and florists say these flowers require far less work which results in fewer labor costs for you.

Gone are the days of using only one color palette for weddings. Today, modern additions are popular for bridal bouquets and flower arrangements for the wedding and reception venue.

  • Carnations – Every color carnation has a meaning, and for a winter wedding, white is a perfect choice, a symbol of pure love and good fortune.
  • Eucalyptus – This flower is a symbol of safety and protection.
  • The star of Bethlehem – These flowers are a symbol of hope and honesty.
  • Succulents – These are becoming more popular at weddings. They symbolize long-lasting and timeless love.
  • Dahlias – These are a symbol of lasting love and a strong bond.
  • Peonies – These are popular because they are large, beautiful and fragrant flowers. They symbolize love, joy, and happiness.

You want to make your winter wedding extra special, and Fiesta Flowers will help you create the wedding of your dreams.