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What do you know about flowers besides what you might have seen on Pinterest? It is easy to look at gorgeous images on Pinterest and identify wedding bouquets that you would love. However, that might disappoint you when you realize you do not recognize the flowers on the bouquet or they are not available in your area.

You might also visit a flower shop and walk out wondering how a simple bouquet can cost so much. However, you don’t have to let the price scare you. You can work with Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts to find something that falls within your budget. Below are tips to help you maximize your budget.

Be FlexibleGorgeous Spring Wedding Flowers

What is your wedding planning style? Do you need a simple, relaxed plan or do you want to be certain of how every aspect of the design will play out? Are you more interested in the complete look or do you want to know which flowers go exactly where?

All of these factors can affect how flexible you can be. The more flexible you are and the more you can let your designer take control, the better you will be at maximizing your floral budget. For instance, as a bride, you can ask for a lush garden feel (the overall look) and the designer will work towards getting the right flowers within the budget to create the look and the feel while knowing what your budget is and working within those restraints.

Understand the Seasons

If you fall in love with a Peony bouquet, then you need to have your wedding in the Peony season. Otherwise, you will have to pay more for peonies.

You can have Peonies in any season at Fiesta Flowers. However, farmers need to use special growing techniques to bloom the flowers for special orders and this will cost you a little more. The flowers might even be sourced overseas, which means even more cost. Your Fiesta Flowers florist can help you figure out what flowers are in season.

Working with the season requires flexibility. You can look for flowers that are the same in size, shape, and fragrance as the flowers you initially wanted. Instead of sourcing for out-of-season flowers, you can use these substitutes to maximize your flower budget.

Stick To Your Budget and Be Honest About It

Being honest about your flower budget will help you pick flowers that don’t break your bank account. When working with florists, you will realize that their prices are not set on stone. A florist will consider many things including bouquet size, shape, flowers requested, handles or baskets, foliage, ribbon, and wrap.

Your flower budget should not exceed 15% of your entire wedding budget. By setting the budget from the start, you can get flowers that fit what you want while also fitting what you can afford.

Work With a Designer

A Fiesta Flowers floral designer not only helps you choose the right flowers but also helps you stay within your budget. For starters, choose a designer who loves the flowers you love (or a similar type). You can ask them what they like from a variety of bouquets and see if they choose the same bouquet you would choose. Also, you need to choose a designer who is honest about the price. Check out Fiesta Flowers online and learn more about our wedding flower options available to you.