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The warmer months of the year creep in with showers of rain, and along with them come splashes of color outside. The flowers that then spring to life are a delight to look at. They bring to mind peaceful evenings on the porch, admiring them for their simple beauty. Beautiful memories are made with the family enjoying the garden or tending to it in solitude.

Some people prefer to enjoy the summer from the comfort of their own home. There could be many reasons why a person would make this decision. Perhaps they live in a hotter area of the country, where the desert weather makes it difficult to enjoy extended stays outside. Someone might also have a health condition that prevents them from going outside much.

This doesn’t mean that they have to do without caring for plants. A summer without gardening would be a bleak prospect, indeed. Indoor plants exist to satisfy the gardener that lives in all of us. However, to properly retreat with a houseplant, one must know how to care for it. They might look low maintenance, without weeds or wasps to worry about, but anything alive needs proper care.

How does one make the switch and take care of an indoor plant? It depends on the type of plant. Some can thrive in shadowy areas, while others need to be placed by a window for sunlight exposure. Some require little water, only a spritz from a spray bottle; others need water daily. There is an indoor plant for every person and any routine. If you’re one of those souls who will spend weeks inside, it’s important to learn your summer houseplants care routine. To begin with houseplant care, find out what they are called and do research. Like children, houseplants thrive when kept in the appropriate conditions.

It’s important to think of your other plants when buying a new addition for your indoor family. When you’re shopping for a new houseplant, check to ensure there are no sick leaves—they can hide very well!—or parasites that might infect the rest of your garden. One infected plant can bring down a healthy neighbor in a matter of days. If it turns out one of your plants is sick, there are many issues that can be dealt with. This normally involves spray bottles with some soap or vinegar. If you want to be sure that your latest purchase is clean, it’s worth an online search to learn about these homemade solutions. They are inexpensive and do not harm pets or pollute the air.

Adequate summer plant care involves research. If all of these things are taken into account, your plant will live for years to come, delighting you with flowers or foliage as bright and colorful as that outside. This does not only apply to summer plants, either; a healthy plant is a plant that will bring you joy throughout the year.