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There’s no reason to limit your home’s beautiful collection of fresh flowers and plants to the yard, porch, and patio. Especially when the weather is uncooperative. You can create an elevated garden scene from the confines of your home. Sure, you can scatter a few potted plants around your desks and tables, but let us suggest a more innovative and aesthetic method of bringing nature to your living room or office: hanging planters.

Why Hanging Planter Plants Are a Perfect Option

Dish-Garden-standardThis option provides you with the perfect way to naturally decorate your house, and your guests will never want to leave after seeing your collection. Hanging house plants also give your home a constant healthy and fresh environment, especially when it comes to the aroma. Here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, a trained florist will happily guide you in finding the best array of fresh flowers and plants to hang in the rooms of your home. We will also assist you in locating the right spots to install the hooks for your planters to hang from. We are guaranteed to have the perfect plant for your home or office, from Succulents to Orchids to Ferns.

Important Tips and Considerations to Follow

Some important tips for you to keep in mind if you are planning on installing a hanging planter include proper lighting, sufficient air circulation, correct watering, and the ability to easily access them. For example, when it comes to Orchids, make sure to place them in an area near a window so that they can get as much sunlight as possible. If you are a fan of Ferns, you should know that they require a high level of humidity, so in between weekly watering, misting these plants with a spray bottle will be necessary. Let’s say you pick up some stringy Succulents for your office. In general, this type of plant will not need nearly as much water and has more freedom with the location of where it can be hung. In terms of access to the planters, you will most likely want to hang plants that require a greater amount of water at lower and easily accessible areas in order to fulfill their watering needs each week.

On the other hand, when it comes to Succulents, they can be hung in harder to reach areas, since you don’t have to worry about giving them water as frequently. Whatever plants you’re interested in owning, though, our experts at Fiesta Flowers will discuss the proper steps for you to take, specific to your plant, in order to maintain a healthy space where your hanging plants and flowers can thrive. They are also knowledgeable when it comes to the necessary potting techniques, and each florist will teach you exactly how to set up your first hanging plant. Adding Fiesta Flowers’ hanging planters to your home will only add to its beauty. And, since you spend a significant amount of your time in your house, you simply cannot miss out on creating a natural aesthetic that will provide plenty of benefits to your home. You can visit the Fiesta Flowers website to check out the plants we have in stock and order online.