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People give flowers to their significant others every Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for lovers to show their affection for each other. This year, Fiesta Flowers, Plants, and Gifts is here to provide you with 10 flower-buying tips to help you pick out the best your loved ones deserve.

Valentine's Flower

1. Make it more Personal:

A Valentine’s Day gift becomes more meaningful if you include a personalized message or card. Writing a message expressing your love and affection to your significant other makes the day and the flowers even better. They will feel that you put extra thought into your gift and it will make them feel more special.

2. Surprise them:

Surprise your loved one with a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Express your love with flowers. Imagine your significant other looking forward to a dinner date with you after work and lovely flowers arriving in the middle of their day. It will be a pleasant and happy surprise and they will look forward to the evening that much more!

3. Place your order in advance:

Remember that, for a lot of people, Valentine’s Day is a big deal, so expect professional Florists like Fiesta Flowers to be far busier than usual with hundreds of deliveries that day. Also, more popular flowers like Red Roses are more likely to be sold out early as Florists have to prebook early in January from the best farms the number of Roses they think they will sell.

Placing your order in advance will guarantee that your significant other receives your surprise on Valentine’s Day.

4. Go beyond the red:

You don’t have to buy Red Roses because that’s the tradition. Consider other colors like white, yellow, pink, and many other colors and flower options. You can also order other flowers such as Tulips, Carnations, or Sunflowers and you will, in fact, save money by doing so. A beautiful mixed arrangement of their favorite flowers will delight just as much if not more than Red Roses.

5. Choose flowers that reflect the personality of your significant other:

Don’t just purchase flowers that are expected or fashionable. Choose flowers that remind you of your significant other. You can work with your Florist when you order the flowers. Someone who enjoys the outdoors may like a different kind of flower or arrangement compared to one who is more of an indoor person.

You might also want to consider your significant other’s favorite flowers.

6. Know your budget:

If you have a set budget, you’ll need to remember that prices go up as Valentine’s Day nears due to supply and demand. Additionally, if you are going to have them delivered, there will be an added charge for the delivery. Florists have to hire numerous extra drivers to handle the hundreds of deliveries on that day and the delivery fee pays these drivers wages.

Don’t assume that the more expensive the flowers, the more beautiful. You’ll find inexpensive, yet gorgeous floral arrangements at Fiesta Flowers, Plants, and Gifts that are just as lovely as the more expensive ones. In fact, if you opt for a mixed garden bouquet, rather than choosing Roses, you will save a lot of money.

7. Choose a style to impress:

Fiesta Flowers offers a wide array of choices of flower arrangements in terms of style and presentation.

8. Consider shelf life:

Don’t just choose pretty-looking flowers. Do some research or ask your florist on how long the flowers you are thinking of ordering will last. Your florist might also recommend to just choose flowers that are in season since these will be fresher.

9. First Valentine’s Day date strategy:

Impress your significant other or date with a lovely bouquet of flowers if this is your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Consider choosing their favorite flower or ask the florist to create a flower arrangement to remind you of how you and your date first met.

10. Your Valentine’s Day gift should come from the heart:

Whether you are giving your significant other expensive or inexpensive floral arrangements, what’s important is that you are giving them flowers in order to show real appreciation and affection for them.

Please do keep in mind that professional Florists fill Valentine’s orders on a first come first serve basis. If you want a custom order or something specific, do yourself a favor and call several days ahead of time.