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The daily workload of administrative professionals is by no means an easy one. Administrative professionals need to support the activities of their company’s bosses and managers. Technically speaking, almost any responsibility that falls on the shoulders of a company executive trickles down to the administrative professional’s job. This is why they truly deserve recognition for their daily hard work and unending perseverance.

Administrative Professionals Day is a yearly celebration observed in the United States and in other countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa. For the US, it falls on the Wednesday of April’s last full week. This year, in 2019, the special celebration will happen on April 24.

If you’re wondering what gifts to give your hardworking administrative staff on their day, we at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts suggest sending them lovely flower arrangements to truly bring them into a festive mood.

Each of your administrative staff has different tastes when it comes to flowers. Are you unsure which kinds of flower arrangements to give them? Not to worry! Show your appreciation for your wonderful admin staff by sending them these stunning flower arrangement ideas:

Mixed Garden Flower Bouquet

Add a pop of delightful garden color to your administrative staff’s desk with this lovely bouquet. This arrangement is a mix of red Alstroemeria, orange Asiatic Lilies, yellow Roses, purple Stock, green Blueperum, and yellow Solidago placed in a lovely urn-shaped vase. This flower arrangement is sure to remind your staff of summery days, thanks to its vibrant pop of various colors.

Gerbera Sunshine Bouquet

Create a celebratory mood with a mix of flowers in red, orange, and yellow hues. This bouquet features two Gerbera Daisies complemented with Asiatic Lilies, Alstroemeria, and Heather. They are artfully arranged in a see-through cylinder vase, topped with a pretty burlap ribbon. This bouquet sends a sunshiny vibe to your staff because of its vivid colors and contemporary style.

Multi-Colored Roses with Curly Willows

You can never go wrong with roses for any occasion! Send this lovely arrangement of six multi-colored roses in full bloom, mixed with Curly Willows and a filler flower of your choice. Ideas for filler flowers that perfectly complement Roses include:

  • Blue-colored blooms such as Iris, Delphinium, and Veronica
  • Light-hued tiny flowers such as Baby’s Breath
  • Shrubs such as hydrangeas

This flower arrangement comes in a tall contemporary-style glass vase, a perfect complement to the beauty of the Roses.

Fiesta Sangria Bouquet

Wines and spirited drinks are always associated with celebrations. So, why not send a stunning flower bouquet arranged in a margarita glass to your administrative staff?

A blend of Carnations, Poms, Roses, Alstroemeria, and Statice make up this colorful floral version of a wine punch. Pair this chic and unique floral arrangement with an actual bottle of wine to jumpstart the celebrations for your amazing administrative staff!

Fiesta Fields Thank-You Bouquet

This is yet another celebratory mix of Daisies, Roses, Monte Aster, Alstroemeria, and Asiatic Lilies. The flowers come in vibrant yellow, orange, and lavender hues. They are arranged in a gathering vase and topped with a simple Raffia bow.

What’s more, this bouquet features a Thank-You Mylar balloon, perfect for showing your gratitude towards your staff. This bright and cheery arrangement will surely hype up your staff and let them know how much you value their work in helping you run your business smoothly.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the perfect floral arrangements to send to your staff on Administrative Professionals Day might seem like a daunting task. Lots of stunning arrangements are available, and you’ll have to gauge the taste of your individual staff members.

We, at Fiesta Flowers, recommend getting an arrangement with a uniquely celebratory vibe to truly show your hardworking staff how much you appreciate their work for your company. Pick one from our five stunning suggestions, and paint a smile on your administrative staff’s faces on their special day!