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Earth Day celebration was established in 1970 as part of a modern environmental movement. It is observed by people across the globe every April 22. Each year, the Earth Day Network connects a theme to the celebration to raise awareness on various environmental issues. For 2019, the theme is related to the preservation of animal species.

Earth Day is a time to celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature. It is a time to rethink our old wasteful ways and to change our habits to more Earth-friendly ones. What better way to celebrate Earth Day with family and friends than by giving natural gifts that won’t harm our planet?

We at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts believe that flowers are special gifts you can give to your loved ones to remind them of Earth Day. Flowers are living, natural testimonies to the beauty of our planet. They are a tangible reminder for us to protect our environment. Here are some flower and gift ideas for you and your loved ones this Earth Day 2019.


Send a Dog-Inspired Floral Bouquet

Got a pet-lover/gardener on your gift list? Why not send a cute floral bouquet arranged as adorable dogs? Fiesta Flowers carries an assortment of pooch-inspired floral bouquets. Carnation blooms are artfully arranged to resemble cute pooches, surrounded by Mums, Roses, Alstroemeria, Waxflowers, and a variety of accent flowers.

You can choose from the following floral arrangements:

  • Couple Pooches
  • Princess Pooches
  • Garden Pooch with Butterfly
  • Purple-Pawed Pooch

These cute floral bouquets will surely put a huge smile on your loved one’s face, not to mention remind them to take care of animals all the more.


Brighten Up with a Sunflower Basket

Nothing spells cheerfulness better than Sunflowers! Send your loved ones a lively Sunflower basket for Earth Day to hype up their desire to save Mother Nature.

Apart from two large Sunflowers, this flower arrangement also contains small Carnations, Pom Mums, blue Delphinium, and Daisies. They are all artfully arranged in a cute woven basket accentuated with a large blue bow.


Celebrate Earth’s Beauty with a Lavish Garden Floral Arrangement

Mother Earth generously gifted us with several species of garden flowers. This floral arrangement perfectly captures the blooms you’ll likely find in a lovely garden.

A collection of Snapdragons, yellow Roses, purple Stock, white Daisies, and orange Asiatic Lilies make up this vibrant floral bouquet. They come in a tall cylindrical vase accented with a satin ribbon.


Let Your Kids Cuddle a Stuffed Animal or Two

Why not make your little ones environmentally-aware at a young age? Let them participate in the Earth Day festivities with an adorable stuffed animal in tow. It’s the perfect gift for youngsters, keeping in line with the theme of protecting animal species.

These stuffed animals are non-toxic and safe for little kids. Select from the following cute animal designs:

  • Assorted Teddy Bears – in Black, Gray, Blue, Brown, and Pink
  • Assorted Puppies – in Black and White-Brown
  • Big-Eyed Froggie
  • Big-Eyed Giraffe

Send-Out Charming Bamboo Greeting Cards

Not the bouquet-sender type? No worries. You can send your loved ones a floral greeting card made from bamboo instead. These bamboo cards are wonderful gifts because they last a long time and are environmentally-friendly. Choose from two etched floral designs: lovely roses and a colorful abstract flower.


Pick an Animal-Inspired Pop-Up Greeting Card

Make your loved ones aware of Earth Day 2019’s animal species protection theme by sending them an animal-inspired greeting card. These pop-up cards feature laser-cut designs on their front covers and reveal intricately-made pop-ups of hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies when opened. They’re unique gifts that will get your loved ones thinking of ways to preserve insects and birds this Earth Day and beyond.

Wrapping It Up

Make your family and friends aware of Earth Day 2019 by sending them environment-friendly gifts in the form of floral arrangements, stuffed animals, and sustainable greeting cards from Fiesta Flowers. These lovely gifts are sure to remind them of their responsibility to protect and preserve Mother Nature, not just on Earth Day, but on every single day of their lives.