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Flowers are the perfect accent to any occasion. They give life and color to even the simplest day. That’s why flowers are one of the most popular gift items.

With giving gifts, it’s always the thought that counts. Every tiny detail of a flower, from the kind and color, has a deeper meaning. That’s why understanding their symbolism is important to give more meaning to your gifts.

Flower language

Choosing the Flowers

Flower choices depend on the season. Most flowers only bloom at certain times of the year. But, some of the common gift flowers like Lilies and Carnations are available all year round. You can get these from online flower stores like Fiesta Flowers.

Also, the flowers chosen must be appropriate for the occasion. Here are the popular flower choices for every important holiday and occasion all year round.

  • Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Many flowers can mean “love,” which makes them great gifts for anniversaries. Avoid giving yellow flowers, since they might mean friendship, jealousy, and disappointment. Instead, try giving:
    • Rose (pink or red)
    • Lily
    • Daisy
    • Iris
    • Daffodil
  • Birthdays. You may simply get a birthday celebrant his/her favorite flowers. But, there are blossoms that symbolize somebody’s birth every month.
    • January – Carnation
    • February – Iris
    • March – Daffodil
    • April – Daisy
    • May – Lily
    • June – Rose
    • July – Larkspur
    • August – Gladiolus
    • September – Aster
    • October – Marigold
    • November – Chrysanthemum
    • December – Poinsettia
  • Easter. Whether celebrated as a secular or a religious holiday, Easter is also a day when people give flowers to their loved ones. Since it’s celebrated during spring, this gives you a lot of beautiful spring flowers as options.
    • Easter Lily (white Lily)
    • Tulip
    • Daffodil
    • Hyacinth
  • Mother’s Day. This is a day to celebrate and show appreciation to mothers. Flowers are also a top choice as gifts for many mothers around the world. The most common pick would be carnations since they represent gratitude and admiration. But, there are other flowers you can choose from:
    • Sunflower
    • Lily
    • Hyacinth
    • Orchid
    • Rose
  • Thanksgiving. There are also wonderful blooms during autumn when you celebrate Thanksgiving. Giving and decorating with flowers are also good ideas during this holiday.
    • Mum
    • Peruvian Lily
    • Rose
    • Sunflower
    • Cushion Pom
  • Christmas. This is a time of giving. Flowers are great gifts aside from other typical gift items. Popular Christmas flowers, which are also great decoration pieces, include the following:
    • Hydrangea
    • Carnation
    • Holly
    • Lily
    • Tulip
    • Paperwhite

There are beautiful flowers you can give to your beloved all throughout the year. Choosing the best ones for different occasions makes them extra special.

You can get wonderful flower arrangements and bouquets at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts. Have them directly delivered to your recipient to surprise them on a special occasion.

Giving flowers doesn’t need a reason. Give your loved ones a pretty bunch of their favorite blooms even on a regular day.