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Roses and Peonies are timeless blooms that bring elegance to any special occasion. What else can you do to create that perfect centerpiece for your wedding reception? Here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, we like combining florals of different shades and shapes to create one-of-a-kind centerpieces that you and your guests will absolutely love.

Pink flowers make the perfect choice for wedding flowers, as they symbolize innocence, playfulness, and femininity. The darker shades of pink symbolize a budding relationship, since it’s not as intense as the deep reds that are traditionally associated with love and romance. Plus, not many people use pink as the main color for a wedding centerpiece.

For this centerpiece, we’ll be using a combination of fresh flowers and lush leaves that will be perfect for an indoor or outdoor wedding reception.

What you’ll need:

Pink English Roses: Those in the flower industry love using English Roses because they come in a wide array of colors. Also referred to as David Austin Roses, English Roses give off a subtle fragrance that isn’t overpowering or distracting. English Roses are known for their many petals in a cupped shape.

White Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas make great statement flowers because their blooms grow in round clusters, giving any centerpiece or bouquet volume. They bloom in the summer and come in subtle shades of pink, white, blue, and purple. For this centerpiece, we’re using white Hydrangeas to complement the pink English Roses.

Snow on the Mountain: These lush leaves with white markings add a unique touch to this feminine centerpiece. They make great fillers for any centerpiece.

Curly Willow: Corkscrew Willow branches, which are available all year-round, will give this centerpiece some needed height. It also adds a rustic feel to the flower arrangement.

Wooden box: You can use any container for this centerpiece but if you want to bring your flowers to life, we suggest that you use a low wooden box to complement the Curly Willow branches.

Optional: Use Rose-scented tealights in glass votives for that sweet smell of Roses on your special day. Let people know that romance is definitely in the air.

How to make your centerpiece last?

No one wants their beautiful creation to go to waste. The good news is you can extend the life of your centerpiece by following a few tips.

  1. You should only use flowers sourced from a reliable florist like Fiesta Flowers. We only use the freshest florals and give them the finest care before they get delivered to our customers.
  2. Add water and flower food into a new container before rearranging your flowers. Just remember not to drown them. Recut your flowers to make sure they draw in as much water as they possibly can.
  3. Rinse out your container before adding fresh water to your blooms every 2 days. This prevents bacteria, which kills the flowers, from growing.
  4. Recut the stems every 2 days to reopen them. Doing this consistently ensures maximum hydration for your flowers.
  5. Avoid keeping your flowers in spaces with direct sunlight, draft, heat, and fruits. The ethylene gas that ripening fruits release will ripen your fresh flower arrangement and cause it to wilt.