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When it comes to choosing flowers for a bouquet or centerpiece, we all have our favorites. Some people love the classics like Roses, Carnations, and Daisies, while others prefer the exotic types like Orchids. You may not be aware of it, but the flowers you’re drawn to the most say a lot about the kind of person you are.

So, which of Mother Nature’s floral creations speak to you the most? Here’s what your choice of florals say about your personality, according to our experts at Fiesta Flowers.


If you’re always stopping to “smell the Roses,” then you’re what we like to call an old soul. You love learning about the world around you and enjoy traveling abroad. Your idea of the perfect date is a night out at the opera or a ballet. Your personality is the type that never goes out of style.


If your favorite bloom is the Carnation, then you’re the type of person who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. You’re pretty much low-key and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You have a gift for learning new languages or playing unique instruments. You may like quieter pursuits, but that makes you anything but boring.


If you love Daisies, then you’re generally an optimist. You like spending time outdoors just to walk around and enjoy nature. You’re joyful with a child-like quality that people just love about you. Your friends and family gravitate towards you because you always know what to say to make them feel better.


If you’re into Tulips, then you are a confident, thoughtful person who likes to be around people. You’re independent and enjoy getting to know yourself more than any other person on the planet. You have a sweet and generous disposition, which helps you quickly connect with others


If you’re a Lilac lover, then you’re a romantic at heart. You like walking down memory lane and look to the past with much nostalgia. You have a penchant for antique finds and spend your weekends looking for treasures at your local thrift store.


Those who choose the Orchid as their favorite flower are mysterious, to say the least. Like the exotic bloom that you favor, you are bold and sexy and make classy, sophisticated choices. You choose to hang out with only a small group of trusted friends because you don’t feel the need to go out there and mingle.


If you like Daffodils, then you’re an artistic person who strives for excellence in everything you do. You have old-fashioned values and have a high regard for your family and friends. You love hosting dinners at home and can put on quite a memorable party.


If you love Lilies, then you are the type of person with refined taste. You’re always put together because you believe that style is a way of life, not just a fashion statement. It’s quite easy for you to stand out in a crowd. You’re well-loved for your kind heart and independence. You’re also well respected among your peers.

No matter what your favorite flower is, let Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts be your #1 flower supplier in the Arizona area.