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Flower shops usually sell flowers only, but nowadays, there is a demand for more products such as greeting cards, chocolates and stuffed toys and balloons to be sold together in flower shops since they usually go together. It will save customers more time if they buy these things together compared to buying separately, especially since some items match so well with flowers.

Flower Arrangement

Greeting cards

These are very important, and it is a must to include a card when sending bouquets of flowers to a person. Flowers are not complete without greeting cards. Simple and minimalistic greeting cards are the best. It is best to put the greeting cards near the checkout counter to encourage the customers to buy one.

Home décor

It is a good idea for florists to offer home décor because a lot of people spend time and money on it. Flowers in themselves already make wonderful décor but of course, other people might want to complement the blooms with other ornaments.

It will be more efficient if flower shops sell home décor along with flowers so they can save time. Florists will probably sell home décor at a cheaper price compared to malls. A few examples can be blankets, ceramics, pillows, candles and even faux flowers. Customers can save time and money by buying a few pieces of home décor in a flower shop.

Candles and essential oils

Just like flowers, candles and essential oils improve the atmosphere of any room. Candles can either be scented or unscented to suit the customers’ need and satisfaction. There are also essential oils that are made from beautiful flowers such as Rose oil and Lavender.


Many people often give and receive perfume as a gift. Florists can sell fragrances that are not too strong and that are easy on the nose. Florists should sell fragrances that are new and have no other completion. Flowers and perfume makes a really great gift bundle.


When giving flowers to someone, chocolates are also common, especially on Valentine’s Day since they go well together. Chocolates and flowers are an important combination. A set of chocolates and flowers can surely make a loved one happy on any day of the year. Offering a free box of chocolates with your bouquet is a great idea to bring in more customers.


Hanging planters in a flower shop can be a really great way to attract more customers. There are lots of pots and glasses to choose from! The first thing customers will notice is the outer appearance of the shop. Plants and succulents are a great way to attract an audience, and they also attract those who have a penchant for growing things.


Why not sell succulents along with flowers? It is a great gift idea and requires little to no maintenance since succulents can survive for a long period of time without water. Many people choose to purchase succulents because they do not need much attention and care. The only thing left is a terrarium to put it in.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys like teddy bears when combined with flowers are a great combination. Most people will usually gift teddy bears with flowers to patients when they visit the hospital to cheer them up. Children love teddy bears. Chocolates plus flowers plus a teddy bear is a great combination.

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