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Flowers are used as decoration, both for interior and exterior. Flowers brighten up the mood, make the ambience better and liven up the empty space in an office, living room or anywhere else.

Flowers are also heavily used in art, and they may even have a religious meaning. The usage of flowers in art may depend on the artist. Flowers can be used as a muse or a source of inspiration for artists. The meaning of the flower depends on how the artist would like to portray it.

There are many famous artists in different time periods who used flowers in their paintings. Whether it was the Renaissance or Baroque period, there are many paintings that use flowers as an inspiration or the subject itself of the paintings or artworks.

Van Gogh’s Sunflower Series

Vincent Van Gogh in particular often used flowers in his paintings. Some examples are Sunflowers and Irises. Vincent Van Gogh has a series of paintings called “Sunflowers,” which is remarkable in that it showed the duality of his nature. It is known that he was a tortured man on account of mental illness but he managed to paint the flowers in brilliant colors.


Flowers are used in many different types of art. Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana comes from the words ike meaning keep alive and hana meaning flower.

Art and Emotions

Flowers have their own meanings, which is why certain flowers evoke certain emotions – which is what art does too. Different colored flowers have different meanings. For example, White Roses and Red Roses have different meanings. White Roses symbolize purity and innocence while Red Roses symbolize love.

The Lotus Flower is significant to Ancient Egyptians. It represents creation and rebirth. It also has different meanings in Buddhism and Hinduism. Aside from art, the Lotus Flower has many other uses.

In the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, floral designs were used. In many pieces, the subject often had floral patterns in the background. Flowers were also used in religious ceremonies, which is why flowers are heavily seen in religious art during the era.

During the Renaissance

Artists often incorporated floral designs in their paintings during the Renaissance period. One work of Botticelli called Primavera shows the spring goddess sprinkling flowers on the floor.

In Still Life

There are many paintings that incorporate flowers, especially still life. Still life paintings or artwork usually contain inanimate objects like food, rocks, flowers, etc.

The Impressionist Period

French painters during the Impressionist period used floral themes in several ways. During this period, flowers set the theme and the backdrop for these paintings.

Post Impressionism

Paintings during the Post-Impressionism period were set from indoor, just like “Sunflowers” to outdoor (Irises) themes, which are both works of Vincent Van Gogh.

In Fauvism

Fauvism has emphasis on color, so the flowers depicted in these paintings were very vibrant. Color is given more value compared to line.

Flowers in the Pop Art movement

A popular example of this is Campbell’s Soup Can by Andy Warhol. Artists during this period used bold elements.

Flowers are also used in making big outdoor sculptures or floats or ephemeral art. There are many art pieces that consist only of flowers. People also make pressed flowers by inserting flowers in between the pages of a book. Flowers can be also used in greeting cards.

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