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Garden flowers are not only beautiful, but they provide a wonderful aroma to our surroundings. Flowers are highly regarded by people because of these qualities. In addition, more recent studies have shown that flowers also offer a lot of health benefits, from reducing stress to helping alleviate insomnia. You can reap these rewards by simply taking a sniff from some flowers. If you’d like to add some flowers to your home and you’re wondering which ones will provide your home with the best aroma, here is a list of some of the best-smelling flowers you can purchase from flower shops like Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum grows easily, blooming from early spring until late fall. This plant is a mat-forming plant. It forms dense clumps of small and sweet flowers. Taking care of this plant requires minimum investment and will prove itself as one of the best-smelling flowers in the world by merely taking the minimum effort to take care of them. The scent of the Sweet Alyssum sits low on the ground. In spite of this, the scent of the flower floats.


One sure sign of spring’s arrival in the southern United States is when the scent of the Wisteria starts to waft through the air. The flowers look like grape clusters, and they can grow up to as tall as three feet. Once the flower blossoms, their petals begin to drop within a few days, so make sure you take the time to enjoy their beauty while you still can.

Sweet Peas

For three hundred years, Sweet Peas have been continuously cultivated. This is because Sweet Peas have been considered as one of the best-smelling flowers and one of the most beautiful plants in the world. These flowers come in a variety of colors ranging from red to white. Bushes of sweet peas can grow up to as tall as six feet and thrive during the fall.

Chocolate Cosmos

Here’s a flower that is just as tempting as its name. The Chocolate Cosmos has a distinct reddish brown color and it has a very sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla. Even though the smell of the flower is very enticing, never try to taste this flower as it is poisonous. The Chocolate Cosmos is native to Mexico. The plant can grow as tall as 3 feet and enjoys partial shade. If you want to get the most out of the scent of the flowers, gardeners recommend clustering together as much as eight plants. The scent of these plants strengthens as summer progresses.


This flower is known as the Hawaiian lei flower. The Frangipani is native to the Pacific Islands, South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. These flowers grow in shades of red, pink, white, and yellow. At the center of the flower is a hint of gold highlight. This flower can grow in small trees. The flower’s leaves have a leathery texture near the branches’ tips. The wood of the Frangipani can be used in making furniture, tableware, and musical instruments. The Frangipani has a very strong, distinct scent that grows more intense as the day wanes and as the night comes.