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Flowers are more than just mere home decorations. They are a way to make people happy. They give people joy during special occasions and can cheer anyone up whenever they feel sad. This brings us to the question of how strong the effect of flowers is on us humans. Do they really help with our mental health? Here are a few facts that will show you that fact: flowers are a mood booster.

Flowers help alleviate stress.

With many people spending more and more hours at work, stress and anxiety are becoming an almost natural part of everyday life. A recent study concluded that as much as 10% of the current world population lives with stress on a daily basis. At this point, it helps to remind ourselves of one fact: flowers are a mood-booster. A study has found that placing flowers beside your work space or having them in certain parts of your home can help alleviate stress levels.

Flowers help with memory.

A 2015 study has found that flowers also help in sharpening your ability to recall past experiences, which translates to flowers being of great help to your memory. Specifically, the smell of Rosemary has proven to be of great help in allowing people to recall things they need to remember.

Flowers can help you control your emotions.

We normally associate our emotions with colors. Yellow can mean happiness, red can mean love or anger, and blue can mean calm. The color green has always been closely linked to a sense of safety, which is why having lots of greens in your environment has been shown to improve focus and overall mood. When choosing flowers for your home, consider the colors you want present in your residence. Your color choice should reflect the type of mood you want to have in your home.

Flowers help with brain performance.

Multiple studies have shown that flowers can help with brain performance. The colors of flowers offer visual stimulation, which helps the brain feel more active and thus makes you feel more productive. Recent research has even shown that putting flowers in lecture halls and classrooms helps increase student attendance and even goes as far as to help increase focus. This all boils down to our association of color with mood. Flower colors stimulate certain moods in the workplace. For instance, red flowers can help with concentration, while blue flowers can help with encouraging free thinking and creativity.

Flowers help relax you for sleep.

Here is another idea that supports the fact: flowers are a mood booster. Sleeping 8 hours every night is very important, and when it comes to sleep, Lavenders help in lowering the heart rate and helping people relax. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for you to fall asleep. Keep in mind, however, that Lavender alone can’t completely cure insomnia. However, getting Lavender for your bedroom can certainly help relax you and pave the way to helping you sleep.

Flowers can help anyone feel better when they are having a rough day. It is a scientifically accepted fact that flowers have a positive impact on our mood and can even help in achieving our basic needs such as sleep. If you think you’re in need of cheering up, don’t hesitate to visit Fiesta Flowers.