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A spring wedding is a dream for many. The surroundings are lively and lovely thanks to the rich foliage and colorful blooms. People, in general, are in a great mood thanks to the pleasant weather. A spring wedding occasion won’t be complete without a bride’s (and aspiring brides’) favorite spring wedding flowers.

When it comes to bouquet selection, springtime offers the widest array of options. Below are the top 10 wedding flowers during the season in no particular order:


Regardless of the season (and even occasion), Roses will always be a much-coveted flower. The classic wedding bouquet even equates to an all-red or all-white set of Roses. Today, Roses come in numerous shades. Some even possess multi-colored petals.


Peonies are perfect for both bouquets and corsages. Whether you’re after a bright bouquet or a mellow one, these blossoms are an ideal option. Along with their captivating fragrance and lush, full bloom, they are well-loved for symbolizing romance and wealth.


A Tulip stands out for its tapered head and vibrant petals. A bouquet of tulips is the easiest to prepare. Just cut the roots and tie the blooms together using a ribbon. Despite its simplicity, this type of bouquet always looks elegant.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are often used as accents to big blooms. With their shades of blue, purple, pink and red, these can also be arranged together to form an eye-catching bouquet.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is among the priciest blooms you may consider for a wedding bouquet or decoration. After all, it’s one of the hardest to cultivate and collect. Despite its price, a set of this tiny, fragrant flower creates a simple yet chic bouquet that doesn’t steal the spotlight from the holder.

Calla Lily

When it comes to creating patterns using flowers, the Calla Lily is the perfect choice. You can make the pattern more exciting by featuring Calla Lilies of different colors. Aside from the classic white, why not give red, green, orange or purple a try?


Ranunculus represents being charmed, and rightfully so. It comes in fascinating shades of pink, yellow, white, and orange. Plus, it radiates a mild scent. Over the years, Ranunculus has a reputation for being an affordable alternative to Peonies. However, this doesn’t mean it’s any less mesmerizing with its ruffled blooms.


For the fun-loving bride, a colorful set of Freesia is a delight to hold while on their way to the altar. This bloom also complements a bouquet or centerpiece filled with Roses and Ranunculi. Two of the most noteworthy characteristics about Freesia are the intoxicating fragrance and the fact that its blossom tends to last longer than other flowers.


Chrysanthemums, or simply known as Mums, are the perfect fit for brides who want to break the norm. It can be designed in a bouquet or centerpiece with numerous other flowers. A set of white flowers with a handful of colored mums will surely be a head-turner during a wedding.


This big bloom completes the list of favorite spring wedding flowers. Aside from a statement bouquet, hydrangeas are ideal flowers for centerpieces and aisle decorations.

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