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Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world to remember St. Patrick and the rich culture of the Irish. On March 17, people celebrate the holiday by wearing green, joining parades, and doing a pilgrimage to practice their faith.

This is also a perfect chance to surprise loved ones with some beautiful Fiesta Flowers to brighten both their day and their houses. You could buy a flower arrangement from florists near your place or be creative and make one yourself.

Giving flowers is a great part of our tradition from time immemorial. Flowers are known to contain meanings and symbolism, depending on their type and color.

Go Green

So, what kind of flowers should you give on St. Patrick’s Day? You could make use of the green theme of St. Patrick’s Day and give a green bouquet.


This is a famous flower that represents Ireland itself. The three leaves of the Shamrock were used by St. Patrick in explaining the Holy Trinity to the people, symbolizing faith, love, and hope.

Bells of Ireland

These symbolize good luck. It is a fragrant flower that looks great accompanied by your choice of yellow or white blooms.


Carnations are also a favorite for its gorgeous blooms. It symbolizes different things depending on its color. Particularly, green carnations represent courage to live life to the fullest while white carnations symbolize good luck.

Vibrant Colors

To bring out a more vibrant feeling, you could use blooms in white or shades of yellow and pink. Roses, daisies, and daffodils are some top choices.


Roses are elegant flowers that would surely add color to any bouquet. It is said that the number of Roses reflects how deep a person’s love is. Be sure to get your special someone at least three to symbolize “I love you.”


Daisies will add a cheerful tone to your flower arrangement. You could put in multi-sized daisies in different colors to symbolize renewal and the coming of spring.


Another type of cheerful flower you can choose is the Daffodil. Getting a handful of these yellow and white flowers and tying them with a ribbon would make a beautiful present for anyone.

If you want something more exotic, you might want some Lilies, Orchids or some Hydrangeas.

Lilies symbolize a lot of things, particularly love, rebirth, and purity. It is a refreshing addition or star for a bouquet with its unique trumpet-like shape.

Hydrangeas are wildly exotic star-shaped flowers packed together, forming a ball-like shape. Its characteristics of abundance express heartfelt gratitude and sincere feelings from the giver.

Orchids are delicate and unique flowers also known for being fragrant. Orchids symbolize rare and delicate beauty as well as strength. In particular, Cymbidium Orchids looks great with Hydrangeas, adding an exotic feeling to your bouquets.

Giving flowers is a very thoughtful gesture that is greatly appreciated by most females. You can make it extra special by choosing flowers with meanings in mind.

Get inspired by Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts ideas online, and don’t forget to choose a great vase or basket and ribbons to go with your bouquet. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!