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We celebrate International Women’s Day every 8th of March to give honor and recognition to women. The IWD is celebrated not only in the United States but in more than a hundred countries, as well, to celebrate women and their accomplishments.

Women started the suffrage movement in the 1900s to fight for their right to vote. They continue to take great strides to earn equality and to protect their rights.

We look up to the women who trailblazed the fight for women’s equality. We admire the women who show strength and determination in fighting for their rights.

On this day, people join in the celebration by sending flowers to the women they love.

This is a great day for you to do likewise. Show your appreciation for the women who have made an impact on your life by sending flowers.

What flowers should you choose to send on International Women’s Day?

Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, one of the most popular and reliable locally-owned flower shops in Tempe, AZ, suggests you use flowers that represent freedom, admiration, and strength.


Gladiolas is a beautiful classic perennial that has upright, sword-shaped leaves and tall, elegant flower spikes. It is a great cutting flower that looks stunning and gorgeous in midsummer bouquets.

Gladiolas come in a wide array of lovely colors, including lavender, pink, purple, rose, burgundy, yellow, white, and even green.

Gladiolas are also referred to as sword lilies. They were named after the Roman gladiators. They represent honor, loyalty, and character.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is considered as one of the most spectacular, colorful tropical flowers in the world. The blooms are in their finest from September to May.

The Bird of Paradise is also called the Crane Flower. It looks like a brightly-colored magnificent bird in flight, hence its name.

The Bird of Paradise has a stunning shape. It comes in brilliant colors. It is not surprising that it is popular among flower stylists.

This unusual and dazzling flower represents success, joy, excellence, and freedom.


Heather is also called Calluna Vulgaris, which is its scientific name. The name is a combination of the Greek word kallune, which means “to brush or clean” and the Latin word vulgaris, which means “common.” Heather twigs were once used as material for making rope, baskets, brooms, and thatches for roofs.

Today, a lot of flower designers use the lovely heather flowers to make beautiful bouquets and other flower arrangements.

Wild heather flowers are usually purple or mauve. The flowers now come in various shades, including white, pink, and different hues of red and purple. They make for beautiful cut flower arrangements.

Heather is closely associated with Scotland. Soldiers going into battle usually wore heather flowers for protection.

Heather is a symbol for admiration, good fortune, and independence.


Hydrangeas have a lovely, old-fashioned elegance and charm. They are stunning flowers with blooms that come in beguiling hues, like vibrant pink, cream, lavender, clear blue, rose red, and frosty white. You can choose from mophead, oakleaf, or lacecap shapes.

Hydrangeas are used to express emotions like thankfulness and heartfelt gratitude. The flowers symbolize abundance and grace.

Show how much you appreciate the women in your life. Send them flowers from Fiesta Flowers.