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Tying the knot on a beautiful Southwest Autumn day is one of the dreamiest weddings one can have. From the changing of the leaves to the colorful fruits, it is like the colors of your surroundings blend in to give you the perfect background.

Choosing a color scheme to fit your mood may be quite difficult and tricky. Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts can certainly assist you to make the right choice for your wedding. So, to help you find the right inspiration, here are our top 10 glorious color schemes to use for your Autumn wedding:


1. Orange, Autumn Sienna, and Beige

The most basic yet one of the most popular color inspiration for an Autumn wedding is the combination of the falling leaves and pumpkin harvest. The bridesmaids may wear gowns with shades of orange and Autumn sienna. On the other hand, groomsmen may wear beige coats with sienna neck ties for a fun vibe. Decorations may include orange pumpkins that are combined with a brown and orange leaf wall.


2. Lilac and Violet

When the weather starts to cool down during Autumn, nature may also showcase shades of purple. The combination of lilac and violet is a known crowd pleaser. Using flowers with purple tones like Hydrangeas, Anemones, and Calla Lilies are the perfect complement to decorate the your surroundings.

You may include some earthy colors like green and cream tones in between to add vibrance. Your bridesmaids may use a darker violet shade to reflect elegance and style for their gowns. Groomsmen may use the same color with that of the bridesmaids for their pocket squares to make a perfect match.


3. Emerald Green

Green has always been nature’s color and for nature lovers, this is the best option. The emerald shades give off an outdoorsy feeling like when the leaves are before they begin to turn orange during Autumn. Bridesmaids may choose light shades of green, while groomsmen may choose a darker shade for their coats. Moreover, to complete the nature-inspired wedding, white or blush pink floral arrangements may be added to complement a serene yet elegant vibe.


4. Navy Blue

Likened to the sky or sea, using shades of navy blue for an Autumn wedding is also a popular choice. It can be paired with burnt orange, metallic gold or silver, or pale color like ivory for an Autumn-inspired set-up. For a sophisticated look, bridesmaids may have a floor-length navy blue dress accessorized with any gold or silver jewelry. Ivory or white-colored flowers paired with gold or silver painted pinecones may be used to decorate the tables.


5. Beige

Autumn has always given us a warm, fuzzy feeling. That is why it has been a popular season for weddings. You may use shades of beige or cream or even a chocolate brown color to give off a cozy vibe. Gold accessories may be used to compliment these colors. As for the wedding decorations, gold painted pumpkins and leaves are a wonderful addition for the tables.


6. Pink

Pink has always been a popular color for many girls. For Autumn weddings, a subtle shade like mauve or dusty rose may be used. Pair it with rustic accents to help it blend with the Autumn season. Bridesmaids may wear different shades of dusty rose accessorized with carnations for a flirty yet elegant style. The tables may be decorated with burgundy peonies or any blooms with darker pink shades. Earthy colors like rustic brown and olive green may also be added for a more nature-inspired feel.


7. Cranberry Red and Ivory

Combining cranberry red and ivory is also one of the show stoppers for Autumn weddings. Putting on a strong cranberry red on a very tame ivory gives off a bohemian vibe. Bridesmaids may use loose ivory gowns or dresses with cranberry red accents. An ivory colored cake decorated with dark red flowers or fresh red berries like strawberries, cranberries or cherries will be one of the event’s highlights.


8. Light Blue and Mustard Yellow

Another beautiful Autumn inspiration is with the use of light blue with mustard yellow accents. It gives off a laid-back feeling which is like during the end of summer and beginning of Autumn. The girls may use light blue gowns or cocktail dresses accented with mustard yellow accessories. In addition, the groomsmen may use light blue coats accented with mustard yellow neck or bow ties.

It is best to use subtle-colored flowers like light blue hydrangeas or any cream-colored blooms to decorate the venue. Elegant blue dishware and yellow mustard flowers and table runners may be used for the buffet table.


9. Citrus Orange and Dark Red

Deep red color combined with bright or citrus orange is also an Autumn wedding favorite. For those who prefer a more vibrant and fun vibe, this is the best color combination to choose. A citrus orange dress will flatter your bridesmaids’ skin tones. Dark red accents may be added to complement their outfits.

As for the decorations, red chrysanthemums or bright orange Calla Lilies may be used. You may also opt to use fruits like tangerines and red berries for dessert or even for the wedding cake. Add brightly-colored cocktails to complete the cheery festive feel.


10. Aubergine and Champagne

Autumn is also known as the season for berries like mulberry and raspberry. To recreate the mood, you may opt to use different shades of aubergine. For a more elegant feel, shades of champagne are used. Bridesmaids may choose from different hues of aubergine to accessorize their champagne-colored long gowns for a more noticeable contrast. For the bouquet, make sure to balance the use of aubergine blooms with pale colored florals. You may also use berries to top a white or cream-colored cake.

The weather may start to cool down during Autumn. Because of this, an Autumn wedding is one of the best venues to bring warmth and comfort to people close to your heart. These out-of-the-box color schemes will help you send people the cozy feeling of love and appreciation of their presence in one of the best days of your life.