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Household chores feel lighter during spring. Perhaps it’s due to the great weather, the sight of new growth and blossoms, or both. With the following 9 ways to prepare your home for spring, you can enjoy spending more time indoors sprucing up your home or bonding with your loved ones.


1. Do your annual or quarterly checks

Check your walls, floors, stairs, ceiling, roof, fixtures, and appliances. Look for stains, damages or operational defects. This simple practice can help you immediately spot and fix what might end up as costly problems.


2. Get rid of the dust, stains and other clutter

Start with your kitchen, bathroom, and attic. These are the areas where mold tend to start thriving. De-clutter these rooms to discourage mold growth and other potential contamination.

Proceed to your living room and bedrooms. Remove curtains and sheets. Make use of your vacuum.

Once you’re done with the major rooms, tidy up your dining room, hallways and main entryway. These areas tend to be easiest to clean.


3. Replace the curtains and sheets

It’s time to enjoy the spring breeze by opening your windows. Use thin window treatments to allow more air to pass through. Don’t forget to replace your beddings and table covers with light-colored ones.


4. Freshen up

The previous season tends to leave a stuffy feeling. Opening your windows are one way of dealing with such problem. Boiling dried citrus and cinnamon sticks on your stove to freshen up your home is another option.


5. Fill your home with flowers and plants

Displaying vases full of flowers and potted plants add pleasant colors and scents to a home. You can use quirky planters and vases to make them more appealing.


6. Show off your handmade crafts and items made from indigenous materials.

Spring is the best season to reconnect with nature. It’s the most ideal time of the year to do hiking, kayaking and running. As for your home, hang or display wooden decor. You might also want to feature handmade crafts like baskets and hand-sewn patterns.


7. Clean and store your door snakes and draft stoppers.

The spring breeze won’t be as uncomfortable as the winter chill. Thus, say goodbye to your door snakes and draft stoppers for the meantime. Before you store them away in your storage room, wash them first and make sure they’re dried.


8. Do your landscaping.

The soil is usually in its best condition during spring. Moreover, the weather is favorable for most plants.

If you don’t have the space for a full outdoor landscape, container gardening will liven up your outdoor space. Why not start with easy to grow succulents? Put them in small pots and display them on your windowsill.


9. Fix and hire needed services.

Of all seasons, spring brings the least weather-related home damages. The weather is generally fair, making it the best time to do much-needed home maintenance. If you don’t have the skills and tools, call repair services especially for your HVAC, electrical, plumbing and roofing systems.

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