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Flower bouquets are the perfect complement for brightening up and adding drama to any space, as well as uplifting one’s mood. However, your blooms can wilt in a matter of days if not properly cared for. To extend their life, here are some tips from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts. (And don’t worry, they’re not costly and are actually quite easy to do!


1.) Store them properly. To keep your flowers fresh longer, they must be kept away from bacteria. You’ll run the risk of bacteria clinging to the vase or jar if you dry it with a towel, so just let it air-dry naturally after washing and scrubbing with hot water and bleach.


2.) Pour in just the right amount of water and flower food. To know just how much water your blooms need, check their stems. Woody stems — like those of Roses and Hydrangea — require more water, so fill up the vase or jar to the top with the water and flower food mixture. For those with softer stems, like tulips, filling up about  half of the container with water and flower food will do. Replace the water every other day or whenever it becomes cloudy to prevent bacteria from forming.

Also, before placing your flowers in the jar or container, cut off around 1 inch of the stems at a deep angle. This allows more surface area to help your flowers drink up the water and flower food more efficiently.

Pro tip: The right temperature for your flowers’ first dip in the water is crucial. It’s best to place them in room temperature; they don’t react well to cold water.


3.) Place them strategically. The heat from the sun can cause flowers to wither and die very quickly, so they must avoid direct sunlight at all cost. The ideal place for them to thrive — and last longer — is in a cool, draft-free area. Keep them away from electronics and appliances that give off heat (such as TVs and computers) and drafts (e.g. air-conditioning units and fans).


4.) The flower food packet that comes with your flowers has the perfect combination of nutrients for the longest lasting blooms. However, if you run out of the granulated flower food, just add sugar — and vinegar. Put 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar into the water to help nourish your blooms. Adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar will help inhibit bacterial growth. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use lemon or lime juice instead.


5.) Check for falling foliage. Remove the leaves from the water as soon as you spot them, in order to lessen the risk of bacteria from forming and harming your blooms.

Follow these tips faithfully and you’ll see your blooms last for a week or more. However, the best way to keep your blooms alive longer is by feeding them the right flower food. Flower food contains the right mix of sugar for nourishment, biocide to kill bacteria, and acidifier to aid in the flowers’ water uptake. Simply mix the contents of one packet into a quart of water and stir well to dissolve.

You can get flower food sachets from florists and flower shops such as Fiesta Flowers. These are affordable, low-maintenance, and effective in making your flowers bloom beautifully. They usually come with a guide on how often you should feed your blooms and the correct amount to pour into the water.