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Express Yourself With FlowersSending flowers is one of the best ways to convey one’s feelings and sentiments. A suitor sends flowers to woo a love interest; a wreath is placed on the tombstone of a deceased loved one as a sign of respect and remembrance; companies are showered with congratulatory floral arrangements on their opening day; bouquets are gifted on Valentine’s Day as a token of affection — there are so many ways for one to express his or her feelings through flowers.

But aside from the usual birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations, there are other reasons for sending someone flowers. In fact, you don’t need a special occasion to do so. Here are some suggestions from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.


Just to say, “I love you.”

Surprise your significant other with a romantic arrangement of roses or tulips delivered to his or her home or office. This way of saying “I love you” and that you appreciate them is especially effective for those who aren’t so great with words, written or spoken.

And it doesn’t have to be a romantic gesture, either. You can send flowers to your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Mother-in-Law, even your Brother or Dad! Choose from monochromatic, androgynous blooms such as birds of paradise, sunflowers, and Dendrobium orchids.

To cheer someone up

A bright bouquet of daisies or sunflowers is sure to perk up anyone’s day. Color can affect one’s mood, so keep that in mind when putting together a peppy bouquet to cheer up a loved one who’s in a funk.


To simply say, “I’m sorry.”

Actions speak louder than words. In this case, apologizing via flowers shows that you’re sincerely sorry and truly willing to make up for your mistake. A bouquet of hyacinths or carnations in muted shades of purple or deep red is perfectly apt to tell the recipient just how much you regret your screw-up.

To make a good first impression

Meeting your partner’s parents — and possibly your future in-laws — for the first time? Wow them with flowers. Orchids are a safe choice, as they can be given for practically any occasion and don’t carry a significant meaning for most occasions. If you want to jazz up your blooms a bit, go with asiatic lilies — they’ll add a pop of color to any home.

To convey your congratulations or best wishes

A new home, a new baby, or a well-deserved promotion — life is filled with so many milestones and memorable moments that there is cause to celebrate every single day. Pink roses are ideal for graduating girls, while stargazer lilies symbolize ambition and are suitable florals for the recently promoted. Watching a loved one perform in a play or ballet? Present them with a bouquet of roses, carnations, oriental lilies, or gerbera daisies to congratulate them for a job well done.

Every day presents a myriad of reasons to send someone flowers. But don’t stress yourself out when choosing the right kind of blooms. The experts of Fiesta Flowers are more than willing to lend you a hand — they’re sure to come up with recommendations on the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement for your needs.