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Significant FlowersFor many, sending flowers can bring on a lot of confusion. What kind of flower arrangement would they like? When’s the perfect time to send a bouquet without raising any suspicion? Do you send a mushy love note with it? Well, here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, we’ve made it our business to send only the most beautiful flowers with the best of your intentions.


Here’s a simple guide on how to send your significant other flowers and take your love connection to the next level.

The Bouquet

While roses are the classic choice for romantic flowers, they’re not the only flowers that you can send. Get inspired by the seasons and ask your florist to put together a unique bouquet that isn’t just beautiful, but also easy to maintain. Or better yet, try to find out what her favorite color is and incorporate that into the flower arrangement. Why not choose a tropical arrangement if you’re in the mood for something different?


The Timing

Some people send flowers on special occasions, while others like to send them unexpectedly. According to most women, the best time to send her flowers is every time you think of her! We know that may not be possible, but it doesn’t stop her from thinking it. LOL Sure, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and birthday bouquets are necessary, but the ones that she will remember most are the “Just Because” deliveries. Flower arrangements that you send out “Just Because” you feel blessed to have her in your life are the ones that are the most remembered and also garner you the most brownie points!.


The Note

No matter how big or grand the bouquet is, it will never be complete without a love note. While we all appreciate a love letter every once in awhile, the best love notes are usually short, simple, and meaningful. Take your time writing down your feelings. It can be a haiku, an inside joke, maybe even a little comic strip if you’re better at doodling than writing. The important thing is that your note comes from the heart. Oh, and try to avoid grammatical errors and cliché phrases. After all, you want to make the right impression.


The Add-ons

Most senders of flowers like to show off a little and send a box of chocolates or a teddy bear with the bouquet. While adding a little something extra is totally acceptable, there are other creative ways to show that you care. How about a bottle of wine or champagne to let your girlfriend know that she’s worth celebrating? Or if your girlfriend’s into books, a classic novel would definitely arouse her curiosity. Dating a foodie? A bag of exotic spices tells her that you’re looking forward to a night of cooking and eating together.


The Details

So, what’s the one rookie mistake that many people make when sending their significant others flowers? Not having the right delivery details. Many hearts have been broken because the sender failed to provide the correct delivery information with the right name, address, and phone number. Before you place your order, double check these important details. The last thing you want is to make them sad because you sent your token of love to the wrong place accidentally.