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Gorgeous Spring Wedding FlowersNothing expresses freshness and new beginnings better than the most gorgeous spring wedding flowers. Admittedly, each spring flower has a charm of its own, but these 10 work best with each other and in most arrangements:


A classic flower that popularly symbolizes love, Roses are timeless flowers, perfect for all romantic occasions. Nothing can make a more eye-catching bouquet and boutonniere than a striking red Rose contrasting a traditional black and white wedding.


Tulips are a wonderful arrangement for colorful weddings. These flowers have very balanced hues that won’t outshine or get unnoticed in a modern, streamlined setup. The balanced beauty of Tulips makes them perfect in a rustic wedding.


Most brides desire a sunny outdoor wedding, basking in the beauty and fragrance of all the gorgeous spring wedding flowers. One of the sweetest-smelling and most vibrant spring flowers is Lilac. They make a very nostalgic addition to an organic, rustic wedding.


Hydrangeas are traditionally used to make flower arrangements appear more lush, soft, and solid in color. Because these flowers are mostly unpatterned, they work well in any flower combination. Usually used as the base of flower arrangements, Hydrangeas are popular in white-themed bouquets.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are available all year round, and they look classic at any wedding, regardless of the season. Because they’re elegant and simple, there’s hardly any need for a calla lily to be in a bouquet to make a statement. They make a sophisticated centerpiece and a truly unique and graceful bouquet when combined with Hellebore.


Lush and large, Peonies are gorgeous wherever they are put in a wedding. Whether they are in full bloom or closed buds, Peonies are a favorite among gorgeous spring wedding flowers because of their size and the abundance of their petals. They may need large vases because they are heavier than the average flower.

Cherry Blossom

Not all Cherry Blossom trees bloom exclusively in fall and winter. Two cherry trees called the Kanzan and Shogetsu bloom near the end of spring and are highly sought for late spring weddings. They make the perfect flowers for altar and arch decorations because of their spindly stems. Cherry Blossoms will be the highlight of any dreamy and charming garden wedding.


The epitome of elegance, Magnolias are by far the most graceful among gorgeous spring wedding flowers. Traditionally, the blooms used in weddings are those that come from the Magnolia Grandiflora tree. They have a distinct fragrance and the flower blooms wider, showing the bright yellow of the inner stem. Some brides will carry as little as 1 to 3 magnolia blossoms accompanied only by the thickness of its leaves or a few pink Rosettes.


Hyacinths are highly underrated spring flowers that offer a wider variety of colors to choose from. They are fragrant and lush, and with the right assemblage, they make a cute and plump bouquet. They don’t stand out in large arrangements but look stunning as cake flowers.


Poppies symbolize sleep, peace, and even death. Ironically, they have bright and cheery colors, making them one of the most vibrant and gorgeous spring wedding flowers. The wiry stems of Poppies make them easy to work with in just about any type of assemblage. They’re wonderful to use as fillers in bouquets or as lone centerpieces, and they work well with Hydrangea and Ranunculus flowers.

There are other flowers you can choose at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts for a spring wedding. Fiesta Flowers will provide options regarding special requests. They will undoubtedly make any wedding flourish with these 10 gorgeous spring wedding flowers.