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The Best Flowers for Your Zodiac SignAstrological signs reveal much about a person’s traits and personalities. They also help determine most people’s general likes and dislikes. Flowers are wonderful gifts to complement someone’s personality. Here are the best flowers for your zodiac sign based on recommendations from Fiesta Flowers.


Signifying the beginning, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is best represented by flowers associated with rebirth. The Honeysuckle and Thistle are the Aries’ birth flowers. Other flowers suited for this sign include Tulips, Amaryllis, and red Roses.


The Taurus sign represents strength and compassion, and because of that, its birth flower is the Poppy, which is a firmly-grounded flower. Foxglove, Daffodil, and Ranunculus also represent Taurus personalities well.


Geminis are energetic by nature and social butterflies. The striking beauty of Lavender represents Gemini’s exuberant personality best. Daffodils and Winter Cherries also make a very eye-catching arrangement.


Cancerians are known to be very emotional, imaginative, and loving. Delicate by nature, the Cancer sign is represented perfectly by white Roses. Similarly subtle but adorable flowers like Irises and Passionflowers also represent Cancerians well.


The only sign more outgoing than Gemini is Leo. People with the Leo sign are highly social and like to spread happiness in social gatherings. This is why the Sunflower is the perfect representation for Leos.


Reserved gems, Virgos are outwardly shy but getting to know them will show their fun-loving personality. Buttercups are equally unassuming but up close, they are lovely and have a delicate charm about them.


The Libra sign is all about balance, which is why people born under this sign have a passion for justice. The classic Rose symbolizes this passion very well. It’s also, on its own, a symbol of peace and love, which Libra people naturally thrive in.


The personality of Scorpio is varying and difficult to predict. The unexpected sides of a person born under the Scorpio sign remind one of the surprising details of Geranium petals, which are these best flowers for Scorpions.


Sagittarius people are known for loving romance and love itself. It’s only suitable that they match with a popular wedding flower, such as the Carnation, which symbolizes strength and beauty.


Capricorn personalities get better and are more enjoyable to be with the longer the relationship grows. They are hardworking and love the fruits of labor. Pansies are perfect for showing this tenacity.


Shy at first but incredibly energetic once befriended, Aquarians make great friends, and their eccentricity is best matched with the Orchid.


Traditionally portrayed by two fish for their whimsical and gentle personality, the Pisces sign symbolizes affection. Water Lilies, being a water symbol, represent Pisceans and their personality well. They are elegant and unique.

If you’re unsure of the right combinations for a perfect zodiac bouquet, there’s no harm in asking shops like Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts for suggestions. Fiesta Flowers will provide a choice of combinations to create the perfect gift for your loved one based on their zodiac sign.