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Flower languageThe symbolism behind gifting flowers has been a part of history longer than most people are aware of. It’s evident in mythologies, sonnets, and folktales.

There’s more to the language of flowers; what flowers mean is only as significant as the message the sender is trying to say. According to Fiesta Flowers, here are some of the most frequently gifted flowers today and what they mean.


Orchids are associated with sexuality and fertility. Their exotic beauty is sought in every continent, but Orchids were more commonly used as aphrodisiacs in ancient Greece and China. They have always been linked with elegance and femininity in the language of flowers.


A symbol of beauty and pride, Carnations express adoration and fascination for a woman’s capriciousness. The name itself is believed to have been derived from the word coronation or corone. In ancient Greece, Carnations were among the flowers used to create garlands for ceremonial crowns. They deliver this celebratory and honoring message perfectly to mothers and/or wives.


No other flower symbolizes purity best than a Lily. Its meaning remains consistent throughout every religion and history. In ancient Greece, the Lily was highly revered and believed to have been created from the milk of Hera, goddess of womanhood and wife of Zeus. In Roman legend, it was such a pure flower that even the goddess of love herself, Venus, envied its beauty. In every religion, the Lily is associated with chastity, innocence, and tranquility. Gift Lilies to women expecting a child or brides-to-be to signify beauty in new beginnings.


This is a flower that says, “My love is perfect.” It is not intensely shaded, exotic, or romantic, but it is also not too small, bright, or unassuming. A tulip represents a kind of balance in adoration, making it the right flower for telling someone they are perfect for you.


By far the most popular flower, Roses can be found everywhere — as a cake decorative, in weddings, and as a boutonniere, but above all, they are an offering in courtship. However, it’s not confined to romantic purposes. It can also mean respect or even sorrow, depending on the color. Roses signify a timeless portrayal of deep affection. Here are some types of Roses and their meanings:

White Roses – Symbolizing new beginnings, white Roses are traditionally associated with brides, but ironically, they are also used in funerals/burials. They are affiliated with not just purity and spirituality but also memory.

Red Roses – The deeper the color, the more intense the emotions they convey. Red roses speak of deep admiration, affection, and desire. They are a timeless way of saying “I love you.”

Yellow Roses – Yellow symbolizes joy and expresses happiness for the company of someone in a non-romantic way. A bouquet of yellow Roses serves as a traditional friendship flower.

Lavender Roses – The striking color of lavender Roses best expresses immediate attraction. A wonderful alternative to red Roses to express romantic feelings, lavender Roses are known for expressing love at first sight.

Every flower’s meaning changes slightly, depending on the color. Yellow often represents joy and friendship while darker hues like crimson and purple signify deeper attraction and romance. These vary slightly but remain close in meaning in the language of love. If you’re unsure what kind of flowers to give your loved one, Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts can guide you in choosing the best flower or bouquet to express your feelings.