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Flowers in ArtGiving of flowers dates back to the Middle Ages. Flowers have been used to express love, apology, or adoration. During the Victorian era, people gave meaning to every feature of a flower. They used the flower, its arrangement, and even how it was given to communicate how they feel.

Here’s a list of flowers that send a romantic message:

Amaryllis – There are about 500 different types of Amaryllis flowers. A red Amaryllis stands for pride, boldness and radiance. It also symbolizes splendid beauty.

Anemone – There are white, red and pink Anemone flowers. White Anemone flowers express sincerity.

Asters – Aster means star in Greek. Aster flowers are available in white, pink, red, purple, lavender, and blue colors. The purple Asters with the yellow centers depict love and endurance. Asters also represent patience and elegance.

Calla Lily – Its white color symbolizes beauty, magnificence, and purity.

Carnation – Carnation comes in white, red, yellow, pink and scarlet colors. Red carnation symbolizes love and adoration. White Carnations represent love and good fortune.

Chrysanthemum – White Chrysanthemum represents positivity and happiness. You can also give red Chrysanthemum to express love and attraction.

Cornflower – Good fortune and friendship are just some of the words that represent this flower. The Cornflower comes in blue, white, and pink colors.

Daffodil – Add Daffodils to your romantic bouquet to express happiness, courage and devotion.

Dahlia – Wondering how to express your commitment to someone? Give him or her a Dahlia, which symbolizes a lifetime bond.

Daisy – Daisies embody love, beauty and purity.

Gardenia – White and fragrant, this flower represents purity and love.

Hydrangea – Hydrangea means water vessel in Greek. The flower symbolizes heartfelt emotions. Hydrangea also comes in various colors – white, blue, red, pink, and purple.

Iris – Purple Iris represents faith, courage, prudence, and promise. If you’d like to express passion, you can go for a yellow Iris.

Lilac – Purple Lilac is the perfect flower to offer if you’ve had a “love-at-first-sight” experience with someone.

Lily – Red Lily depicts passion. It is also known to symbolize truth, majesty, and honor.

Orchids- Pink Orchids symbolize love, wealth, beauty, and courage.

Peonies – Peonies come in red, white, pink or rose. They’re known to symbolize wealth and honor. Pink Peonies represent romance and good fortune.

Rose – Because of its fiery color, the red Rose symbolizes romance, love, appreciation, and passion. If you’d like to express admiration towards someone, you can use a pink Rose.

Stock flowers – White stocks represent a happy life. They’re a good addition to your bouquet and they’re fragrant too.

Sunflower – Because of its yellow color, Sunflower is known to express joy, admiration and long life. It’s also known to symbolize loyalty. This is observed in how the head of the Sunflower follows the sun’s movement across the sky.

Tulip – Red Tulips depict love while white Tulips represent forgiveness. If you’d like to spread happy thoughts, give some yellow Tulips to your special someone.

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