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Winters can be white and chilly. That is why you need plants and flowers during the Christmas season — to bring color and warmth! There is a variety of Christmas plants and flowers that you can add to your home. But they often have a problem of making them last throughout the holiday celebrations. Well, gardening is not just a summer thing. When you understand how to take care of Christmas plants, you can make them thrive despite the frosty weather! Here are tips from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts on how to make your Christmas plants and flower decorations last:

1. Christmas Tree

This iconic Christmas symbol is the star of the season. Why not purchase a  fresh pine, fir, or spruce tree instead of shopping for an artificial one? The fresh pine scent is such a refreshing smell that is only available this time of year! Cut your own are always available in the high country or obtain those that are already potted from Christmas tree farms to plant in your yard after the holiday. In choosing a pre cut tree for Christmas, make sure that there are no broken branches, signs of insects, or bad smell. To make sure that your fresh tree will last until Santa arrives, there are certain things you must do.

  • Cut off a quarter of an inch from the tree trunk before you place it in water.
  • Make sure that the stand you have will secure the tree well. It should fit well enough that you don’t have to whittle the sides of the trunk.
  • The tree should be kept away from the fireplace and other sources of heat.
  • If it is not potted, get a good container to secure your tree in and fill it with water several times a day if needed. The tree will take in a lot of water in the first few days.
  • If it is potted, you will have to transfer it to your garage after a week so that it can adapt to the weather and thrive. Check that it is well-watered.

When you care for your cut Christmas tree well, it will last for a month. When the needles are dry and brittle, it’s time to throw your tree out.

2. Christmas Cactus Plant

People love cacti because they are hardy plants. Succulents can last for many years and they come in several different species. To ensure that your Christmas cactus plant thrives, place it by a bright window where it can get enough sunlight. Avoid watering the plant too much as it can get mushy. You only need to water the plant when the soil is dry. If you want your cactus flowers to bloom next Christmas, make sure to bring the plant outdoors late in summer. When the temperatures start to drop in the early fall, the potted plants should be brought indoors.

3. Poinsettias

The colored leaves of the poinsettia make it the perfect Christmas flower. To make your poinsettia last, you should not leave it out in temperatures below 20 degrees. similar to cacti, they can die from overwatering. To make the most of your purchase, avoid obtaining poinsettias whose yellow flowers are slumped or have fallen off.

4. Rosemary Christmas Tree Topiary

A beautifully sheared rosemary topiary will add not only beauty but also fragrance to your home. Enjoy its fresh scent and even use the leaves for your Christmas coocking. The rosemary should be placed in a location where it receives bright light, otherwise it will lose its leaves. Unlike the cactus and poinsettia, rosemary needs a lot of water as it will die when it dries out.

5. Amaryllis

The Amaryllis plant is an exquisite centerpiece for Christmas. The amaryllis flowers have an exotic beauty and are perfect for the holidays.

To care for it, place the pot where it can access bright light. Shade can make its leaves and flowers floppy. You should not under-water the plant, but you should also avoid drowning it.

Fiesta Flowers offers a wide collection of Christmas flowers you can give for gifts or place in your home as decoration. Give us a call today!