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Don’t know how to say what you’re feeling? Let Fiesta Flowers do the talking for you!

Emotions of Flowers

Flowers are a tangible representation of our feelings and emotions. They touch the lives of both the giver and the receiver. Science has proven that both senders and receivers of flowers feel positive emotions for 2 weeks! This makes them always the right gift for every occasion.

Here at Fiesta Flowers, Plans & Gifts we do our very best to offer a wide  range of flowers so that, whether it’s a time to celebrate or a time to grieve, there’s always a bloom to help you convey your deepest thoughts and emotions.

  • Roses.

    There are over 300 species of Roses and they are prized for their aromatic and medicinal properties. But the mere mention of its name evokes nothing but love in all its forms.

  • Lilies.

    A white Lily used to commemorate the dead. Lately, the Lily has also become a representation of life and celebration. So you can now say “Happy Birthday” with a bunch of white Lilies and “Thank You” with brightly colored Lilies such as yellow, orange or pink.

  • Chrysanthemums 

    represent joy and optimism. They used to represent negative emotions so much so that in Italy, giving chrysanthemums is like telling somebody they don’t exist in your world. In some Asian countries, they represent deep lamentation. This bloom, however, has gained worldwide popularity for representing love and friendship and is a very long lasting flower to boot!

  • Carnations. 

    Its scientific name translates to “flower of love.” It isn’t a surprise then that this bloom represents emotions related to love, from purity and devotion, to heartache and forgiveness

  • Tulips. 

    This happy flower of positivity represents a wide range of emotions and is a great gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions.

  • Sunflowers. 

    This cheery flower never fails to evoke a happy feeling. But they represent more than happiness. They represent longevity. So, it would be appropriate to give them to say “Here’s hoping for your quick recovery.” They also represent adoration: “I am proud to know you.”

  • Daffodils. 

    These yellow and orange blooms evoke a mix of emotions, even conflicting ones, across different cultures. They may represent creativity and inspiration or apology and sympathy. They also represent birth and new life, so it’s OK to say “Congratulations on your new baby!” with a bunch of Daffodils.

You can say what you mean and mean what you say with these blooms:


  • Amaranthus: “My love for you will never die.”
  • Ambrosia: “I love you as much as you love me.”
  • Anemone: “Don’t forsake me.”
  • Azalea: “Take care of yourself.”
  • Baby’s Breath: “I love you sincerely.”
  • Bell Flower: “With my deepest gratitude.”
  • Camellia: “My destiny is in your hands.”
  • Carnation (solid color): “Yes!”
  • Carnation (striped): “I’m sorry, I must say no.”
  • Chamomile: “Take time out to relax.”
  • Clover: “Think of me.”
  • Dogwood: “Our love will remain through thick and thin.”
  • Forget Me Not: “I’ve found my true love in you.”
  • Gardenia: “Ours is a sweet and secret love.”
  • Geranium: “Here’s to true friendship!”
  • Goldenrod: “You can do it!”
  • Heliotrope: “My love is eternal.”
  • Honeysuckle: “I am devoted to you.”
  • Hyacinth: “Our love is everlasting.”
  • Hyacinth (purple): “Please forgive me.”
  • Iris: “Don’t give up hope.”
  • Iris (purple): “I admire you for your wisdom.”
  • Ivy: “I wish your marriage love and fidelity.”
  • Jasmine: “You are cheerful and graceful.”
  • Jasmine (white): “You’re my sweet love.”
  • Jonquil: “I feel the same way for you.”
  • Lemon Blossoms: “My love is true and faithful.”
  • Lotus: “I love you even if we are not talking.”
  • Orange Blossoms: “You are as lovely as you are pure.”
  • Orchid: “Your beauty is incomparable.”
  • Pansy: “Thinking of you.”
  • Periwinkle: “Let’s make good memories.”
  • Petunia: “Don’t despair.”
  • Primrose: “I can’t live without you.”
  • Red Poppies: “We will never forget.”
  • Roses (a bouquet of reds and whites): “Let’s unite!”
  • Roses (red): “I love you!”
  • Roses (lavender): “I offer you my undying love.”
  • Roses (hot pink): “I appreciate you!”
  • Roses (orange): “I desire you.”
  • Roses (yellow): “I’m glad you are my friend.”
  • Roses (light pink): “I admire you.”
  • Sweet Pea: “I’m sorry I’m leaving.”
  • Tulip (red): “You’re my perfect love.”
  • Verbena: “Include me in your prayers.”
  • Violets: “You’ve been running through my mind.”
  • White Lilac: “Your youthful innocence is remarkable.”
  • Zinnia: “You’re always in my mind even though you’re far away.”