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Looking radiant and glowing, in a fabulous dress and with a gorgeously made-up face, the bride is definitely the star of any wedding. In this modern era of weddings, flower crowns are becoming the most trending bridal gear. A flower crown adds more sweetness, freshness, and femininity to every beautiful bride walking down the aisle. Historically, a flower crown symbolizes power, glory, and eternity.  

As the perfecting finishing touch to any bride’s crowning glory, a floral piece also shows off the bride’s personality. There is always a flower crown that will suit your style whether you want to exude bohemian chic, vintage miss, or modern romantic. You can even make your own floral crown that will best show off your character. Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts offer the freshest varieties of flowers that you can incorporate in your bridal hair accessory. 

To make your very own bridal headpiece, prepare the following materials:

Assorted flowers and greenery (Baby’s Breath, Spray Roses and Mini Carnations are three of the classic varieties used by brides and stylists for a soft feminine look)

Florist wire (25-30 inches)

Florist tape

Wire cutter



1. Prepare the chunk of flowers to be woven into the floral crown. Make sure that the flowers complement each other and are grouped based on the wedding theme. Fiesta Flowers offers a variety of fresh blooms from their Garden Lovers Collection that can be used in making the most eye-catching floral crowns. Begin by cutting your chosen flowers and greenery for about 3 to 4 inches.

2. Measure the florist wire and cut in a size that would perfectly fit around your head. Make sure that the wire is secured by twisting both ends around each other. Secure the wire with floral tape.

3. Cover the wire with moss to make a comfortable base for the crown. Add the other greeneries as well to perfectly hide the wire. They will add more texture and character to the crown. Use the floral tape in attaching the greenery.

4. It is now time to add your lovely blooms! Attach the flowers to the crown by using floral tape to secure their stems into the wire.

5. Add more flowers depending on your personal taste or wedding theme. You may add flowers equally around the entire wire or you may simply focus on piling up flowers on the front or back of the crown. However, make sure that the flowers are properly arranged so they are facing in just one direction.

6. Check the crown carefully to see if there are remaining gaps and fill them with smaller flowers or other accents.

7. Once you are satisfied with the pile of flowers on the crown, clip the remaining stems for a smooth finish. You can add a ribbon to cover the exposed stems or one last element to cover the end of the crown.

Making a bridal flower crown can also be a bonding activity for you and your bridesmaids. As a tip, you may add other accents or elements into the crown like twigs, feathers, fake berries or fruits, and vines depending on your wedding theme and personal style. If you don’t have the time or the gumption to try to make a floral crown yourself simply call us here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts! We professionally design the loveliest flower crowns around!