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The thoughts that come with the New Year: new beginning, new ventures, new targets, higher expectations, endless opportunities and, of course, life’s uncertainties.

So, in case Jupiter, the light that shows the way to growth, prosperity, and all things epic, is influencing your planet in a not-so-positive way, there will always be ways to welcome more luck into your life.

Plants and flowers are among the best gifts for wishing you and your loved ones good luck. Greenery attracts love, health, and wealth. Feng Shui experts recognize the value of plants and flowers for their function and practicality: to bring good luck into your home by providing good circulation and good vibes in your rooms.


Consider the following plants and blooms from Fiesta Flowers to help you welcome a prosperous New Year:


  • Jade Plant

The jade plant is a medium-sized plant that’s known to attract wealth and prosperity. The logical area to place a Jade plant is your home office, where you do business.

Feng Shui also suggests placing Jade plants on your porch or entryway. This is a surefire way to welcome success into your home.


  • Lucky Bamboo

For thousands of years, Lucky Bamboo have been associated with happiness, health, love, and wealth. Feng Shui consultants are very particular about arrangement though: the more stalks, the more good luck and blessings the plant would bring. They are best placed in the east of the house to strengthen family bonds and in the southeast to attract wealth.

Bamboo are easy to care for, which makes them great gifts for almost everyone.


  • Money Tree

The Money Tree is one of the most popular Feng Shui products. It is easily recognizable for its braided or intertwined trunk. Any Feng Shui enthusiast would have a money tree in their home for luck and prosperity. It is best placed in your home office to usher in lucrative business.


  • Orchids

Orchids are more than just exquisite ornaments. They are known to bring good love fortune. They increase your chances of finding a romantic partner or improving your current relationship.


  • Palms

Palms are used to replace missing Feng Shui elements in a room. They are known to attract positive chi or good energy. For practical reasons, Palms make for an ideal room divider for their relatively big size. It also helps bring in that breezy, tropical feel in your home or workplace.


Their immaculate white flower color helps relieve stress and creates a calming effect in any room. Having Peace Lilies at home or on your office desk brings the positive effects of tranquility and good will. They look amazing on their own or when arranged with several other blooms.


  • Rubber Plant

Rubber plants, like the jade plants, are best placed in your entryway. Feng Shui practitioners say that the plant’s round leaves represent money. Therefore, they are best placed near your entrance door.


The strong protective energy that Snake plants bring helps protect you from negative chi; but you cannot place your Snake plants just  anywhere. A Feng Shui master will tell you the ideal areas in your home or workplace to place the Snake plant for it to work wonders….an area less frequented by people is an ideal place.


Sunflowers will light up any room. They project a feeling of safety. A few tall stalks arranged in a simple vase are known to bring good luck.

The best way to face the New Year is with a positive attitude. And what could uplift your spirit more than a full bouquet of flowers or a neatly potted plant!?  Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts helps spread the positivity with choices in all shapes and sizes.