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This year’s Hanukkah or Jewish Festival of Lights will be held on the 2nd through the 10th of December. Stemming from the Jewish term “dedication,” Hanukkah is typically celebrated with the lighting of a Menorah (a nine-branched candelabra), Spin the Dreidel game, fried goodies like pancakes, gift-giving especially for children, chocolate coins or gelt, and classic flower arrangements. Historically, the Hanukkah festival commemorates the miraculous day when the Jews won the battle over religion against the Greeks approximately 2,000 years ago.

Color Burst Bouquet

Colorful flowers to brighten their day!

Closely related to the Christmas season, Hanukkah is associated with the colors white and blue. These colors bring tranquility and peacefulness in the midst of a snowy Christmas atmosphere.

The Hanukkah spirit is made more alive with the sight of classic white and blue floral arrangements. Among the most popular flowers for Hanukkah are elegant arrangements of white lilies, blends of white carnations and white Roses, and bouquets of blue Delphinium and blue Iris. Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts offers a variety of delightful and fresh floral arrangements that bring life to the Hanukkah celebration.

White Lilies

The Hanukkah Festival would not be complete without classic white Lilies. These delicate blooms are already beautiful on their own. Still, Fiesta Flowers offers the most stylish bouquets of white Lilies blended with blue and green accents and smaller white flowers for a fresher and more polished vibe. White Lilies add timeless sophistication to the Hanukkah Festival. Lilies symbolize the miracles celebrated this season.

White Carnations

Simple white Carnations, which symbolize the light of the celebration, can be mixed with stems of lavender for a softer look. The lavender would bring a modern twist to a classic floral arrangement. White Carnations highlight the purity, divine light, and triumph symbolized in the festival.


A bouquet of either white or red Roses is another classic floral piece for the Hanukkah Festival. These classic beauties exude a modern elegant vibe when mixed with green accents. Others prefer a combination of different-colored roses for a more festive look. Roses are a wonderful symbolism of the cheer and joy enveloped in the Hanukkah spirit. The Rose itself represents hope, promise, and new beginnings amidst the “thorns” faced by the Jews 2,000 years ago.

Blue Delphinium

Lovely pieces of blue Delphinium can be mixed with white Lilies for highlights. They can also be added with some purple blooms to accentuate their deep blue shade. A vase of blue Delphiniums can be added with glittery gold accents to suit modern times. This kind of bouquet is the perfect symbolism of truth and purity as well as calmness and peace. Blue Delphinium represents encouragement and joy in the midst of remembering past events in life.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris have a strikingly crisp color that perfectly blends with the signature white blooms of the Hanukkah Festival. Blue Iris is perfect when mixed with large white Lilies and white Roses and accented with silver and gold pinecones. Some evergreens would also add a symbolism of the abundance celebrated during this holiday. A bouquet of blue Iris conveys a message of faith, hope, courage, and freedom — four of the most important virtues celebrated during the Festival of Light.