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Spring is the right season to enjoy beautiful wedding flowers. This is the time when unique and gorgeous flowers are in bloom. Numerous varieties of flowers are also abundant at this time of the year.

Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts are experts at helping you choose which, of the many lovely flowers available during this season, will create your visions look and feel for your wedding.

All-time Favorite Spring Flowers for Weddings

The following spring flowers are top choices for weddings:


Lilac is a sweetly-perfumed blossom that brings back wonderful memories of fun sunny afternoons, childhood innocence, and young love.

The flower is named after its light purple color, a color that symbolizes first love. However, Lilacs are also available in several different shades.

White lilacs stand for innocence and pure love. Dark Purple Lilacs represent tranquil love and joy. Magenta Lilacs stand for ardent and passionate love. In spite of the special meanings that the different shades stand for, the Lilac has always been associated with romantic love throughout history.

Sweet Pea

Recognized as a Spring luminary, the Sweet Pea works well as a highlight or accent color. It also looks gorgeous as a complement to a wedding that features Lilacs as its theme.

Regardless of how you decide to use the Sweet Pea, this chic flower that comes in many different colors such as white, pink and dark purple is guaranteed to add just the right touch of texture and color to your wedding.


Roses are a classic favorite for weddings. It is difficult, almost impossible, to go wrong with a wedding centerpiece, boutonnière, or bouquet designed with quintessential Roses.


Tulips are simply stunning for rustic weddings. However, they are also just as eye-catching when featured in weddings with a contemporary flair. Couples who want an elegant and streamlined look for their wedding usually opt for tulips. The white, fringed Honeymoon Tulip is a popular choice.


Peonies are one of the most popular choices for wedding flowers.

The Peony is a perfect blend of texture and lush, large blooms. It comes in many hues from, white pastel shades to the deep, dark Red Charm Peony. You will not find it difficult to find the right shade to match the wedding color palette you choose.

Calla Lily

Brides who want a sweet and simple bouquet to carry usually opt for Calla Lilies. These flowers are beautiful and elegant simply tied up with a satin ribbon.

Freesia Flowers

The Freesia features several fragrant blossoms on a single stem. It comes in yellow, red, white, orange, purple, or pink.

The Freesia has satiny flowers and graceful arching stems – features that make the flower work well in corsages and bridal bouquets.

This flower is native to South Africa. It is recognized for being a symbol of innocence and trust.

Not only are Freesia beautiful, they also have an intoxicating fragrance that is sure to please!


Hyacinth is a fragrant flower that comes in white, pink, yellow, purple, or blue.

Many brides are partial to blue flowers.  If you want your flowers to be actually blue and not just tinted, Hyacinths or Grape Hyacinths are a good choice.

The blue hyacinth has a clear and fine sky-blue shade without the slightest hint of purple or pink.


Wisteria flowers are sometimes white, sometimes purple. They have a wonderful delicate fragrance.

Wisteria flowers seem to spill over their stems beautifully – making them a popular option for cascading wedding bouquets and for decorative arches or large floral pieces. A large cut of Wisteria flowers in their sturdy vines makes for stunning ornamentation in a wedding gazebo or arbor.

Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts

If you are having a spring wedding, you have a wide variety of beautiful, feminine, and gently-perfumed flowers to choose from.

Fiesta Flowers can expertly help you plan out which spring flowers to use for your wedding.