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How to Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

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To make your cut flowers last longer, here are some of the tricks of the trade for you to consider:


1. Use a clean container and water.

The most important factor to consider in prolonging the life of cut flowers is the cleanliness of the container and the water. Bacteria-free container and water is highly recommended to prevent the premature death of the flowers.

If unclean water is used, the dirt may block the transport system of the flowers prevent the uptake of water and floral food nutrients. This, in turn, causes loss of vigor and wilting. In addition, it may infect the plant cells and speed up their decay exponentially.

Similarly, a clean vase or container for both flowers and water is also important. If the container is dirty, there is a big chance that the water may spread this dirt throughout the water and prematurely kill the flowers.

Flower food is best but if you run out of flower food, there are also some substances that can be added to the water to improve its properties.

Here are the top three substances that you can use:


I. Bleach –

just a few drops and this is the most common substance added to water. The purpose of bleach is to kill and suppress the growth of microorganisms and bacteria present in water. It can also dissolve harmful substances that apart from various microorganisms.

Adding bleach to water purifies the water from pollutants. Household bleach commonly contains 5.25-8.25 percent chlorine. Hence, the recommended amount to be added to one liter of water is just five drops. Do not use bleach that contains dyes, colorants, and perfumes. These will not be favorable for the cut flowers.

II. Table Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar –

The sugar that you use for your daily coffee can be used to prolong the life of cut flowers. Table sugar contains nutrients that can nourish the flowers and serves as cut flower food.

However, sugar has no antibacterial properties that can suppress the growth of microorganisms. That is why apple cider vinegar is added. This component serves as an antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacterial growth.

To make your own mixture, mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a liter of warm water. This mixture can make your flowers last for more than a week.

III. Aspirin –

if your water has a low pH, you can neutralize it by adding Aspirin tablets. This substance is scientifically proven to lower the pH of water. In addition, the salicylic acid in the aspirin tablets has antimicrobial properties. This means that it is capable of keeping the water clean and free from bacteria.

Commercial aspirin tablets such as those from Bayer’s may be used. To prepare the mixture, just dissolve 3-5 aspirin tablets to a liter of water. This can preserve your flowers for up to two weeks. For best results, change your water for every three to four days.

2. Cut the stems properly.

If your flowers come from a bouquet, you may notice the tips of the stems beginning to turn brown. This is because the air causes the stem to oxidize. If you want to transfer the flowers to a vase, wash the stems thoroughly with clean water then Cut one to two inches off the stem using a sharp knife at a deep angle. The cutting angle should be at least 45 degrees to increase the surface area that is submerged in water. This deep angle cut will also allow greater water and food uptake into the stem resulting in longer lasting flowers. Avoid using blunt scissors or shears as they may damage the stems. Do this process every other day or every time the water is replaced.

3. Place the flowers in a cool place.

This is to prevent the flowers from wilting. Flower petals are succulent and soft. Exposing them to direct sunlight or heat can burn and/or wilt them easily.

In addition, do not place the flowers near fresh fruits or cigarettes. This is because the ethylene gas produced from these materials decreases the life of the flower. For most cut flowers, the optimum storage temperature is around 65°F. Tropical flowers, on the other hand, require a mean storage temperature of 52.5°F.

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