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Every 11th of November, people go out of their way to honor the Veterans who showed great courage by serving in the U.S. military and keeping our country safe.

You can show your appreciation by joining in the parades and other commemorative events usually held on this day. There are many ways you can show your appreciation to the Veterans in your life, however, one of the more popular ways to show your appreciation to these brave patriots is to send them flowers.

Flowers help make the occasion feel truly special. They can express a deeply felt and personal thank-you to a Veteran.

What flowers are the best ones to show respect and appreciation on Veterans Day?

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Flower Options for Veterans Day

The best flowers for this day are those which reflect pride, high spirits, and deep respect. Choose flowers that send a clear message of pride and appreciation to the recipient.


Carnations indicate pride. It is not surprising that these flowers figure in a lot of floral arrangements made for Veterans Day. They embody the pride that most Americans feel for their country and the men and women who bravely fought for it.


Tulips represent new beginnings. They also stand for gallantry, valor, generosity, love and honor – qualities often demonstrated by a knight or soldier.


Hydrangeas represent a grateful heart. They are one of the most suitable flowers to give on Veteran’s Day.

Red, White and Blue Flowers

Florists use a variety of flowers to make thank-you bouquets and gifts for Veterans. Bright, white Daisies, red Roses, white Lilies, and Sunflowers are among the more popular choices.

However, flowers which are available in red, white, and blue are among top choices as well. You will often see red and white Roses, red and white Carnations, blue and white Hydrangeas, red and white Lilies, blue Iris, blue Delphinium and different colored Statices flower arrangements. Bouquets are usually embellished with stars, flags and ribbons.

Many florists opine that red should rule during this day. They tend to highlight flowers that are a beautiful rich red in their arrangements. Roses and Carnations are popular choices.

Other florists like to use flowers that represent the bold colors of the American flag.

Many florists love statice for its color, stem quality, longevity and flower size.  Statice remains a mainstay in Veterans Day floral arrangements because of its beautiful, bright, deep, purple-blue flower clusters.

Guardian Blue Delphinium is another option for the blue hue in floral arrangements. This flower is well-loved for its long-stemmed royal blue blossoms with soft hints of purple.

White Lilies or white Chrysanthemums provide the white in the traditional red, white, and blue flower arrangements.

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