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Growing plants in your home is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits for your home. Beyond adding color and variety to your house, they also provide tangible benefits such as purifying your homes air, creating a cooling effect, and by providing floral beauty, occasional fruits or seeds. Whether growing a full outdoor garden or growing them in pots, there is a specific process to follow to ensure that your plants will thrive in your home. Here are some basic plant care tips from your friends at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.


Plant is perfect gifts to your loved ones

Know your plant-

It is important that you have a full understanding of the water, soil and container needs of the type of plant you are growing. Different plant species have different requirements for sunlight, water, soil and nutrients. Some plants prefer to be root bound and are great for growing in pots, while others prefer to have room for its roots to spread out in a larger pot. Knowing the unique needs of your plant will help you provide the best growing conditions for it.

Use the right soil-

Your soil should have the right characteristics for your plant to thrive. Characteristics of soil such as the amount of minerals, ability to hold water, and coarseness all have an effect on your plant’s chances of survival and growth. Specific plants need specific types of soil and it is important to use the soil that is appropriate for your plant’s needs. You might also need to fertilize it from time to time, especially for soil of potted plants as they have no other way of obtaining the nutrients that they need.

Water your plant properly-

One of the most common mistakes of planters everywhere is engaging in the wrong watering technique for the specific plant. A lot of plants die because they are either underwatered or overwatered. When applying water to your plants, wet the soil instead of the plant itself or the leaves. You know that you’ve applied enough water when the soil is already moist. The frequency of watering depends on the type of plant you are growing. Most plants prefer to be watered one to two times per week just until the soil is moist. Never let your plant sit in stagnant water as the roots will rot and the plant will die very quickly.

Trim periodically-

The benefits of trimming your plant actually goes beyond cosmetic considerations. Trimming, especially if it is done correctly, will help your plant thrive. Cutting off dying branches or buds will help facilitate new growth, which will help your plant bloom. Trimming will also regulate the growth of your plant, preventing it from occupying too much space which might hinder its growth, as well as of other plants in your yard. Trimming will also ensure that all parts of your plant will receive enough sunlight.

Growing plants in your home is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. Aside from being a great means to use up idle time and relieve stress, plants can also be the perfect gifts to your loved ones. However, one must be reminded that plants are living things too, and must be given the best care possible.

We hope that you use these plant care tips to ensure that your plant stays healthy for the rest of its life. We here at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts. have many different types of plants available for your home or for gifts for the people you love. You can view them on our website at under the Plants section.