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Veterans are among the most respected people in the USA. They defended our country against all threats, and some even at the cost of losing their limbs or lives. For that reason alone, they deserve our respect. We celebrate Veterans Day to recognize their heroics and to let all Veterans know how much we appreciate their sacrifices. While there are many ways to say thanks to them, one of the best ways to do it is by giving the Veterans in your life flowers.

What flowers should you buy on Veterans Day? Here are some of the traditional best-sellers during this occasion here at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts and why they are so popular.

White Lily

The white Lily is a classic when it comes to Veterans Day celebrations. This flower symbolizes sympathy and appreciation, two emotions that are being expressed and commemorated during this day. Its pure white color and proud stance is also a symbolism to the courage, purity, and integrity of the American soldier. Lastly, its white color serves as a perfect complement to any themed bouquet. The Lily is a must-have when giving flowers to a Veteran in your life.

Red Rose

The red Rose may be identified best with Valentine’s Day, but it is also considered as a flower that is synonymous to Veterans Day. Its bright red color symbolizes the passion and courage of the American soldier. Its redness is also both brave and bold, something that accurately describes our troops. It is also synonymous to love, so it is the perfect flower to give if you want to show how much you care. This flower is a must-have to add much-needed red hues to your flower arrangement.


Hydrangea is one of the rare flowers that are in the shade of blue when in full bloom. Its rich colors symbolizes the patriotism and love for justice of the American soldier. It also symbolizes the strength of the American spirit which the soldiers showed thru their actions in battle. Add Hydrangea to your bouquet to create that red, white, and blue motif that perfectly symbolizes Veterans Day!


A Veterans Day flower offering is not complete without Poppies. Considered as the quintessential flower for Veterans Day, it is traditionally given to American soldiers both living and dead as commemoration for their contributions to the national cause. Its popularity is rooted to a famous World War I poem “Flanders Fields”, where it was mentioned that Poppies are the first flowers to grow from the soil of soldiers’ graves. Since then, the Poppy has become symbolic of the cause of Veterans.

Veterans Day is the best time to show your appreciation to the men and women who served our country via military service. If you want to give them flowers, Fiesta Flowers is your best source. With a combined 30+ years of experience in the industry, we provide our clients with the freshest and timeliest flowers and bouquets your money can buy. Our expert florists will help arrange flowers according to your preferences, using only the most beautiful and freshest flowers for the job. Visit us today so we can assist you in creating the best gift for the Veterans in your life!