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One of the important considerations when selecting flowers to give for a particular occasion is whether the flowers are in season and in bloom. When a specific flower or plant is in season, they are plentiful and therefore less expensive. Even better, these flowers are at their peak of freshness, meaning longer lasting blooms at their most beautiful and vibrant . Because of this, opting for flowers that are in bloom is always a smart choice if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day. So which flowers are in bloom in Autumn?



The crocus is a very popular bulb during the Autumn months. During the Fall, their bright white, red, pink or purplish-blue flowers sprout out, providing much-needed color to any garden or flower arrangement. Because Crocus colors and shape stand out, yet have shorter stems, the crocus flower is perfect for low and compact floral designs featured in a low cube or cylinder vase.


Considered by many as among the most elegant flowers out there, the Gladiolus is one of the most stunning flowers in bloom during the Fall months. They come in many gorgeous colors such as white, red, yellow, pink, coral, green and a rich deep, dark purple. The Gladiolus flowers open wide, perfectly complemented with tall stems that curve at a lovely angle. Even better, these flowers are exceptionally fragrant. Gladiolus is an absolute treat for the senses.


Lavender is popular all year round flower due to its ease in drying. However, this flower is at its absolute best during the months of Autumn. It can grow tall stems that hold long clusters of fragrant flowers. Its light purple color is also very distinctive, and can stand out in just about any garden or flower arrangement. Lavender is a wonderfully scented flower in bloom during Autumn that is hard to miss.


The Chrysanthemum is considered by many as their favorite Autumn flower. Also known simply as Mums, its flowers can be found in many vibrant colors. However, it is most commonly seen in shades of white, lavender, purple, red, orange, and yellow. There are also multiple forms of this flower. Mums come in many shapes and styles…there are Daisy’s with their yellow/green centers, Button Mums that are small and compact like a button, Cushion Mums which have multiple sprays of petals and Fuji Mums or also called Spider Mums that have many spiky petals shooting forth from the center. With its positive and cheerful vibes, the Chrysanthemum flower, in all of its shapes and forms, is the perfect flower during Fall.


Also known as the coneflower, Echinacea is a very popular flower in bloom during the Fall season. Growing from perennials that stay in bloom almost the whole year round, its flowers open wide, providing brightness to any garden or flower arrangement. Its flowers are usually pink or purple, with both its petals and center standing out effortlessly.

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