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Today’s fast paced way of life has created a society of highly stressed individuals who always find themselves under pressure regardless of how hard they work. However, this is nothing that a beautiful bouquet of flowers can’t cure, even if for a brief moment.

Receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers is bound to have just about anyone feeling happier about themselves and their day.

According to scientific research findings, a beautiful bouquet of flowers not only helps you feel happier but also has a positive effect on social behavior. This is exactly why Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts is proud to be participating in this year’s “Petal It Forward” event to be held on October 24th!

What Is “Petal It Forward”?

If you are wondering what this event is all about, read on to learn more.

Petal It Forward is a nationwide event aimed at spreading cheer in local communities, spearheaded by the Society of American Florists. Having started as simple promotional event back in the year 2015, it has recorded growing participation in the last couple of years. Last year’s event brought together more than 500 local events across 467 cities in the US and Canada.

This event has changed from simply being a means by which local florists can promote their operations, to bringing together the entire industry and community in a day of spreading happiness and cheer.

How It Works

Now that you have an idea of what this event is, let’s look at how it actually spreads the cheer and brings the community together.

One way participating Florists participate is by sending their staff out onto the streets with bouquets of flowers. The employees hand out two free bouquets to passers-by. One is meant to be kept by the recipient while the extra one is to be given out to a friend, colleague or loved one. This creates a butterfly effect that ensures that the happiness and excitement surrounding the event and the joy of receiving flowers spreads to the indirect recipients of the flowers as well.

Another way participating Florists like, Fiesta Flowers, engage in this fun promotion is by offering a free flower bouquet to anyone who purchases off of their website or in the store. When this happens, we will also send a free bouquet to be given to another person by the recipient who received the flowers ordered. Or if a bouquet is purchased in the shop, another free bouquet will be given to the purchaser so that they are able to pass it on to another person as well.

What better way to spread the cheer than by ensuring that the direct recipients of the flowers can feel even happier and more satisfied by getting them involved in the process of giving.

A social media hashtag #petalitforward is also available; where recipients share their feelings about receiving and giving out free flowers.

Givers Feel Better

Giving out free flowers without expecting anything in return always feels great. There’s no better reward for all businesses and employees involved than to have their free gifts received with open arms. If you do meet our teams on the streets, do your part to spread the cheer by happily accepting their gift to you.

Get The Community Feeling Happier

Any local business that appreciates their customers always aims to give back to the community, Petal It Forward not only helps local florists spread some happiness in their local community, but also gets everyone involved in the act of giving, making it a community affair.

This year’s nationwide Petal It Forward event will be happening on Wednesday the 24th of October; mark this date, and join Fiesta Flowers in Tempe in spreading the happiness in our community. We LOVE flowers and truly can’t wait to spread joy and happiness around our community with flowers!