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National Good Neighbor Day was created by Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana back in the early 1970s. It’s described as a day for connecting with and recognizing the importance of having good neighbors. During President Jimmy Carter’s terms, he signed a proclamation that established the celebration of the National Good Neighbor Day on September 24, 1978. It’s a tradition that should be marked with appropriate activities and ceremonies.

Currently, this national holiday is held every September 28th but whatever date or day it falls, this is a time for appreciation of the people that makes up the community and the contributions that each individual makes. And one element that plays an important role during the celebration of this tradition is giving flowers.

But how do we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with flowers? Here are some suggestions from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.

Bring Them Flowers

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Flowers bring smiles and that’s a well-known fact. Nothing shows affection or appreciation more than giving a bouquet of blooms. National Good Neighbor Day is the perfect time if you haven’t talked to your neighbors for a long time. Pick up a few cheerful flowers, give them a nice arrangement, and pay your neighbor a short visit. This visit can turn into a nice conversation over tea and voila! You’ve reconnected without too much effort. You will be surprised at what flowers can do to change someone’s mood.

Welcoming New Residents

A new neighbor is like a new member of the family. We’ve all been in that situation before. Being new to the neighborhood can be exciting because you get to meet new people, but it can also be a bit stressful. Why not make it easier by welcoming new residents with a bouquet of flowers? Make them feel more comfortable and welcome in their new location by bringing them a gift of flowers. Flowers are traditionally used for welcoming people coming from a different place. Pick seasonal or local blooms to make the introduction even more memorable.

Hosting an Open House

Maybe you have been so busy lately that you haven’t talked to your neighbors these the past few months. Or maybe you’re the new resident in the neighborhood and would like to connect with your new neighbors. This can be the perfect time to host a small gathering or an open house. Write or print invitations and give them to your neighbors. In preparation for this wonderful mini-event, you can decorate your home with lovely flowers that are in bloom in that season. Why not go for a potluck and have your neighbors cook and bring over their favorite recipes? The flower decorations might even turn into conversational pieces. It is difficult to resist a flower’s fragrance and beauty.

Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day can be made more meaningful if you put in just a little creativity and effort. Flowers make it even easier to connect with your neighbors and build or strengthen relationships. For some inspiration on which flowers to choose for your bouquets and arrangements, check out our website where we feature a plethora of custom arrangements made right here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.