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Boss’s Day is traditionally observed on October 16th in the U.S. and it’s a day for employees to express their gratitude to their Boss’s for being fair, just, and kind. The tradition can be traced back to 1958 when ‘National Boss’s Day was registered by Patricia Bays Haroski with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a day of appreciation for all Boss’s. And if you’re looking for flowers as a gift for your Boss, Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts has you covered with their wide selection of arrangements perfect for a desk.

Fiesta Flowers believes that there isn’t a better way to show your appreciation than with a gift of beautiful flowers. Flowers are given to express many emotions including gratefulness, thanks, and appreciation. They are also used as an office decoration to bring more joy and life into the workplace. Here are some ideas on flower arrangements to give to your Boss.

Summer Flowers

October usually ushers in fall in much of the country. The colors of the leaves are changing, the nights are getting cooler by the day, and the lovely summer flowers are disappearing. It’s the time when people think of early sunsets and the upcoming falling snow. That’s why an arrangement of summer blooms is a great gift for your Boss as it serves as a brief reminder of summer before it turns into autumn. Include orange and yellow flowers, sunflowers, as well as light color ones in your ensemble.

Warm Flowers

For those who are finding a way to build a better relationship with their Boss, a gift of flowers is the perfect gesture. Choose flowers that communicate and signify warmth while staying professional. Flowers with hues of rich reds, dark oranges, lavenders, and purples best represent this purpose.

Plants Work Too

Classic Dish Garden

The perfect gift for all occasions, our Classic Dish Garden is made of the freshest green plants planted in a designer 10 inch wicker basket.

Flower arrangements are lovely, acceptable and appropriate gifts for Boss’s on this special day. However, there are some who would prefer a more permanent option. So why not give your Boss a decorative plant that they can display on their desk for a much longer time than flowers. Plants are wonderful gifts because they help clean the air and add joy and light to the whole office, or at least to your Boss’s room.

And keeping up with the colors of autumn, go for yellows, reds, and oranges because they best signify light and joy. A Croton plant incorporates all these colors beautifully making them an excellent choice. Or consider succulents because they require little maintenance.

Boss’s help lead the company and serve as guides to the people under their supervision. The Boss’ Day is a great opportunity for appreciating what they have done for the good of the company and their employees. Flowers and plants brighten moods and foster healthy relationships. Consider the choices mentioned when thinking of something to give to your Boss on this special day. Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts can help you decide.